Monday, November 2

Things that really suck in Call of Duty 4

Even though Call of Duty 4 is one of the best games out there in my opinion, especially in the multiplayer department, it does suffer from some things that irks me and make me want to throw the controller across my room in a fit of rage.

With Modern Warfare 2 just over the horizon, and considering that CoD4 is still one of the most played games online, I figured I'd discuss the finer points of a nerd rage that stems from specific issues in the game.

Grenade spammers
are the bane of this game's existence! On bigger maps with lots of cover it really isn't a problem, but on flat ones like 'Wet Work' where you have nowhere to really run, the spammers (who usually have the perk for 3 frag grenades) start tossing them across the map at inhumane speeds. You try to run one direction only to have another grenade hit you in the face, then two more fall behind you!

Martyrdom...Oh Martyrdom, the most unfair and annoying of all the game's perks. Not only does it suck during normal matches, but then you also get people who equip it in Hardcore matches. There is nothing worse then standing beside a teammate where you think you're safe, but then someone suddenly shoots him right in the head, his grenade drops and ends up taking out the entire team.

Juggernaut is another example of an annoying perk. It may be a good strategy but when you're a sniper with the .50 caliber Barrett and you've lined up the perfect shot only to have that stupid white cross pop up and your target run off into the sunset, you too will utter a few words that aren't safe for work.

People who exit the map using their fantastic glitching skills need to be taken out back behind the barn and..well you get the point. I was once running through the arena with the highest kill count, basking in my glory when I was suddenly shot in the head from ABOVE by someone flying in the sky. I'll repeat that! I was the someone flying in the sky!

I also hate it when a team death match is starting to get really intense, you have the entire enemy team flanking your position and there is only one way out of the building you're in, so you run as fast as you can to get to the exit and what do you find? Some idiot teammate who decided to camp right in front of the door! The worst part is that if no one has a mic, you can't get his attention.

Another thing that makes me want to smash my face on a wall is when you're a sniper and you've found the perfect hiding place and no one knows where you are, but then some other kid runs up right beside you with his P90 or something and starts shooting out the window like a madman! Suffice to say, the enemy knows you're there now so thank you 10-year old boy who shouldn't even be playing the game in the first place.

11/02/09 Colton West

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