Monday, November 2

3D Gaming: Are You Ready?

Are you ready for 3D gaming? I’m thinking your answer might be no and that is understandable. Not everyone is fully aware of the technology that exists to make this possible. I guess we can safely say that without being too harsh on ourselves.

Of course, we hear about 3D movies all the time, but never gaming. News have been floating around on the net about 3D gaming, but nothing really concrete, except for articles about the upcoming game titled Avatar, and how cool it would be to play it in 3D.

Are there any other games coming beside James Cameron's effort? Wipeout HD for the PS3 is said to have 3D coding in it but did you play it? Your answer is probably no and to be honest, I haven’t either. The 3D experience is supposed to be the next evolution in gaming. I for one am very excited about it and can’t wait to get my hands on somebody’s PS3 to play it in 3D.

I talked with some of my friends about 3D gaming and got the usual comments I expected to hear: “Why would I play a game with silly glasses on?” or “It is not going to do well.” Some of them didn’t even know that we can play 3D games on our consoles; they thought it was just for PC. The casual gamer may or may not be ready for such a step, but a person with passion for the idea, like me, may beg to differ. How exciting would it be to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in 3D, or even NBA 2K9? 3D gaming would enhance the ever evolving industry. A PC is powerful enough to handle the 3D experience, but it has not been a top priority in the said community. If it had been the focal point, we might have all tried a PC for gaming by now.

So, what does it take to play 3D games you ask? A simple upgrade to a 3DTV is the only answer so far. Now you might be asking “I've got to buy a new TV just to play a 3D version of Avatar?”. If you haven't bought a TV that is 1080p and 120Hz or better already, yes, you have to upgrade, unfortunately. I can hear it now, your better half screaming in your ear “Are you crazy?”.

I will be making the jump and purchasing a new 3DTV from Mitsubishi. I want to be part of that evolution in gaming. I also will be wearing them silly glasses to play Avatar or any other game that will be in 3D. Are you going to take the plunge and try out 3D gaming on your favorite console, or will you just sit back and let it pass you by?

11/02/09 Jesse Burrows

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