Tuesday, November 17

5 things every PS3 owner must know

So you're now a proud owner of Sony's Playstation 3, hard earned cash was spent to purchase the system and now, you're playing games online and off and having the time of your life. But are you maximizing your PS3 or have you just scratched the surface? I suspect it's the latter so we've compiled a list of 5 things you need to know in order to get the best out of your new system.

from downloading updates at work to making free video calls via the USB headset. So without further adieu we present to you our list.

1) Do your system updates at work -

Most times gamers turn on their system to play, they only have at most an hour. So why waste your time doing system updates at home when that time could be spent playing? We thought the same thing you're thinking. Instead, download the updates at work and take them home on a USB stick or disc for instant installation on your PS3.

Make a folder called PS3 on your disc/stick and one inside that one called "UPDATE." Go here, choose your country and find the system software update box. download the latest update and put the file in your "UPDATE" folder. When you go home choose "update from storage medium" instead of "via internet" on your PS3 System Update option.

2) Boost your WiFi -

Slow and annoying connections at home? Give this a shot...

First things first, try to find clear spot between your wireless router and your PS3, make sure both of them are not hiding behind furnitures and other home decor. Remember nothing stalls your connection like a big old appliance or piece of furniture.

Stand both the PS3 and the router on end. Your PS3's antenna is to the right side therefore standing it up gives it a bigger spread. The same directions also apply to your router - prop it on one end and make sure it's placed somewhere high.

Now here's the geeky stuff - take a can (Coke, Sprite) or whatever tickles your fancy and cut the top off. Cut down the sides of the cup-like can, and fan out the divisions slightly so it looks like a metal flower. Now place a hole in the bottom of the can and place your new hi-gain antenna over your router's aerial so it pokes through. If done right, you should see a 10% boost in signal strength. What? No seriously, it works, give it a shot.

3) Borrow Game saves -

O.K. you're not the type to play through games without help? No problem, you can just snag game files online.

Sites like PS3savegame.com host the completions and other options for all your favorite latest games. You'll need to use your PC as a link to get the files from the site unto your system, but it should be a breeze if you follow these instructions:

* Download the Save Game zip file

* Unzip to a USB drive using this path at the root: PS3/SAVEDATA\

* Once you plug the USB device into the PS3, go to the GAMES tab on the XMB, then select the Saved Data Utility.

Once you select Saved Data Utility, it should show your USB drive as one of the selections. When you select that, your saved game icon should automatically open up. Select the games save you want to transfer, then hit the triangle. Select Copy, and it will automatically copy the game save to the PS3's hard drive, and now be available for you to load when you restart the game.

4) Make free video phone calls via the USB -

You're going to need a USB headset like the one from Metal Gear Solid and also an EyeToy camera. Plug in both via USB and go to your Friends menu. Choose a friend and press X. Choose "Start New Chat" and type a message. Providing your friend is in front of their PS3, they'll see your message and have the option to accept your video chat. Now, as long as they have a camera and headset, two windows will open up, showing yourself and your friend. Hit triangle again to "invite more people," up to six can join the chat.

5) Play any video format on your PS3 -

Download PSPvideo9 your PC. Get it free here, then use the program to convert your AVI, MOV, DivX and WMA files to MP4 format. You can also convert VOB files (which you'll find in the video TS folder on your DVDs). Now make a folder on a USB stick called "PS3" and inside that one make a folder called "VIDEO." Drag your new MP4 files to this folder and put the stick in your PS3. Head to the Movie folder on your PS3 and select the stick.

And there you have it, 5 things every PS3 owner must know. Hopefully it'll help you maximize your PS3's potential, but those just listed are not all. Next week we'll have 5 more, so make sure to stop by and see what else we have in store for you.

And don't worry Xbox 360 owners, your list is coming soon. There's a lot you can do with that console of yours.

11.17.09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. You dont need to create a folder to view videos on the ps3. just select your external drive and push triangle instead of x and select view all.
    now all of your folders are visible and you can select which videos you want to watch

  2. Thanks for all the tricks!