Tuesday, November 17

Sega: PS3 Bayonetta load times will be fixed

Sega is well aware of the of the long loading times that plagues the PS3 version of Bayonetta, and are looking into a the best possible way to fix the problem before the North American version of the game is released.

An inquiry made over at the official Platinum Games boards received a response from Sega that "they were well aware of this issue and are working on a solution."

Another Sega representative made Sega's stance even clearer:

"I can, in fact speak on their behalf in saying that a patch to correct this is under consideration through development to address the matter of the overwhelming load times with Bayonetta," the rep said.

"Something I cannot address directly is when this will occur however I will be tracking this directly on all sides (the Japanese, North American and European versions) as to ensure that we know exactly the status of each one.

"Provided that I'm given full disclosure on this, I will be sure to keep you posted on what to expect."

It's nice to see that Sega is very much concerned about the situation. PS3 fans can now rest easy.

11/17/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. That's a very good sign.

  2. Well not really a good sign, there's so much in this game that needs to be fixed on the PS3 side of things.

    But one can't really blame Sega, they're just handling the port.

    That other company is to be blamed.

  3. Is it irony ?

    SEGA IS to be blamed specifically since THEY handed the port to the PS3 seeing how the Xbox 360 (the one developped by Platinum Games) doesn't has all these über crappy loading problems ...

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  5. Apart from loading time, Sega doesn't have to fix anything else for the PS3.

  6. It's a good news for PS3 fans

  7. but it still hasnt been patched...

  8. I didn't mind the long loading times, a great game deserves patience.

  9. Well those of us that have precious little free time would really prefer to be playing the great game, instead of waiting for it to load. If you add up all the different loading times in an average play session, I can guarantee it won't be an insignificant amount. The game should really have an install option for vital game data, just like EVERY SINGLE OTHER action game on the PS3 does.