Tuesday, November 17

Capcom announces nightmare inducing pillows

It would appear that somebody over at Capcom has some sort of fetish for nightmare inducing merchandise.

For fans of the popular hunting franchise 'Monster Hunter', Capcom has recently revealed that they will be releasing pillows that measure 105cm in length and 28cm in diameter based on one of the series' most annoying monsters, the Khezu. In the press release for this pillow, Capcom made mention of the fact that some people consider this monster to be 'cute' due to it's unique design.

It has no eyes, no fur, eats animals whole, electrocutes you, and has one of the most disturbing faces imaginable. How something like that could possibly be considered cute is beyond us, but could you imagine waking up to the dark abyss that is this thing's mouth right in front of your face?

These comfy nightmares will be available in late January for 9,240 yen each, no word on North American availability.

11/18/09 Colton West

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