Wednesday, November 18

Resident Evil's Wesker in Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet 2 is just one of the many highly anticipated games coming out in the near future. You can join up with 3 of your friends and work together to take down enormous Akrid beasts, battle hordes of pirates, compete for the ultimate goal of victory, and even make up some new stories in what we like to call "Resident Evil Mode".

Wait what?! That's right, when you pre-order the upcoming action title, you will receive a Wesker skin, allowing you to defeat those giant alien-bug menaces in a truly epic fashion, and if playing as Wesker isn't already enough, when you pre-order the game from GameStop you will also get Wesker's revolver which is supposed to pack quite a punch.

Now picture yourself taking down a monster the size of a building as Wesker with just a revolver. Does it get anymore awesome then that?!

11/18/09 Colton West

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