Monday, November 30

Call of Duty Classic arrives on XBLA on Wednesday

For fans of the Call of Duty franchise who have had their fill of Modern Warfare 2 (highly unlikely) and who did not purchase the 'Hardened' or 'Prestige' editions of the game will be able to get their World War 2 fix this week on Xbox 360.

'Call of Duty Classic' will be launched on the Xbox Live marketplace on Wednesday and European Xbox Community Manager Graeme "AceyBongos" Boyd says the game will set you back 1200 Microsoft points as well as new achievements for those of you who crave them.

Remember to check which copy of MW2 you bought on launch day, as you may already have a code to download 'CoD: Classic' if you purchased the Prestige or Hardened editions. It would not be fun to waste 1200 points on something that's already yours.

11/30/09 Colton West

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