Friday, November 6

David Cage feels the need for gaming industry to grow up

Characters in video games have been almost universally dull, mundane and predictable. David Cage, creator of Heavy Rain would like the industry to grow up, especially in character development area.

"As an industry we games for teenagers and kids, so we try to make things very casual and as clear as possible," David told NowGamer.

"The bad guys have to be very baaaaaaaaaaad and the hero has to have big muscles and look fantastic. And the women have to have big boobs and be very sexy because to a teenager, this is what women are."

"I Think we've pass that stage and we can go to the next one and say, 'you know what, I think you can be a very evil character, but it's not written on your your face'."

Ok boys, you heard the man, it's time to grow up, women are not all about big boobs.

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11/06/09 Erinice Gilbert

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