Friday, November 6

New IP is paramount to gaming industry's survival says Sony

Sony sees new IPs as the lifeblood of the gaming industry, this according to Sony VP Michael Denny who told attendees at Develop Liverpool that the efforts were necessary to survive in the buiness.

"For me the answer is clear, simply we must support new IP creation to survive as an industry," Denny said. Consumers crave new things. If we want to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive market place, we have to continue to produce new experiences."

"New IP is truly the lifeblood of the industry and Sony's commitment to produce new IP will continue. We believe we have a promising line up of exclusive new IPs for the year ahead and one that is particularly special to me and reflects a growth of emotional connection and storytelling is Heavy Rain."

Heavy Rain is out next year. Get the full thing over there.

11/06/09 Ernice Gilbert

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