Tuesday, November 10

David Cage: I don't want to die in the dessert

Most of the successful in our society today didn't pave the way for their good fortunes; no, they are only riding a horse that has been well nurtured. Mind you, everyone must work hard to achieve greatness in life, but it has been made much easier because hard working people before us paid the cost. Our forefathers came, worked hard and built a strong foundation that has stood the test of time, and now if you want to be successful, dare to dream.

David Cage is building a foundation with his new game, a foundation that many others will build upon, but unlike the forefathers, he wants to reap the fruit of his labor and not die while sowing the seeds. He relayed his belief to eurogamer best.

Eurogamer: Often front runners do all the hard work but reap little of the rewards - are you a martyr David Cage?

"I want to be a pioneer, but I don't want to die in the dessert. When you try to invent something new you need to have some kind of commercial success, otherwise you just try to be innovative for the sake of being innovative," he said.

"When you create something you want people to like it and to really enjoy it. If that's not the case, that means maybe what you've invented doesn't really have a value. And I'm talking about commercial value, not creative value," he told eurogamer.

Let's hope Heavy Rain has both David, for all of our sakes.

11/10/09 Ernice Gilbert

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