Tuesday, November 24

FFXIII multiplatform status causing a stir on GamesThirst, 360 owners say it'll look better on their box

There's a war going on in the comments section of this thread. A big argument about which console does FFXIII render better graphics on. It's a lot of noise so click on the link to join the conversation, or start one here for yourself.

It all began when we searched the web and found that most gamers who own the Xbox 360 and PS3 had made up their minds on which console to get the game. What we did not realize is the sheer amount of Xbox 360 fans who are claiming that the game will run better on their console because most games usually do, that's according to them.

This story is fascinating to say the least. Will Final Fantasy XIII sell well on the Xbox 360? Was it a good investment to pay big money just so this long time PlayStation exclusive franchise could come to the 360? If we're to go by the people who purchase the games, and who'll run out to the stores and pre-order online before it even drops, the answer is an overwhelming no.

The Final Fantasy franchise it seems was made for the PS3, and according to some, they'd feel like a dirty cheater to play this title on Microsoft's console. It's interesting news. But it's a topic that summons major discussion.

Once again, we ask you to share your thoughts, on this one here, or the other.

11/24/09 Ernice Gilbert

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  1. 360 owners are right!
    It's just like gears of war 2 looks better than Uncha... wait my bad
    It's just like... wait nvm...

    360 gaylords suck