Monday, November 23

Gamers with both consoles will buy FFXIII for PS3, not Xbox 360

Have you been reading the forums, or paying attention to topics concerning the once PS3 exclusive franchise Final Fantasy? If not, you're missing out on the argument of the century. If you own a PS3 and Xbox 360, for which console will you purchase Final Fantasy XIII, the biggest RPG this generation?

Many gamers on websites spanning the globe and forums alike are coming to the conclusion that it would just feels better to play the title on PS3. Some claim the graphics will look better, others say they don't want to be swapping discs and fear that one might get scratched. but does it really matter what system you purchase the game for? According to Square-Enix it don't. They say it'll run the same on both systems. The graphics will render the same, the length will be the same, and gameplay will be identical. The only difference now is the fact the title will be available in Japan exclusively for the PS3.

But recently, I've been reading some intriguing threads in forums where Xbox 360 owners claimed that the 360 version of the game rendered in 1080p whereas the PS3 renders in 720p, making the argument that it'll obviously look better on Microsoft's box.

Also, PS3 affectionados contend that the white engine that Final Fantasy XIII runs on was built specifically for the PS3 and therefore it's only natural that the game run better on the system the engine was made for.

At the end I would have to agree that it just feels natural to play the game on PS3. The reasons are obvious; almost every Final Fantasy title was exclusive to the Playstation brand and the big hitters like FFVII, FVIII, and FFX can only be experienced on it. Breaking that "tradition" would be like playing Halo 4 PS3. But that's my take and the majority of gamers who own both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Thoughts anybody?

11/23/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. I agree with your last paragraph, there's no way I'll purchase this title for the Xbox 360.
    It would feel like I was committing adultery.

    This game was made for PS3.

    No if, and, and buts about it.


  3. "Xbox 360 owners claimed that the 360 version of the game rendered in 1080p whereas the PS3 renders in 7020p, "
    Holy crap, is the PS3 HD quality so over the top???? Lol

  4. all that matters is 1 disc >>>> 100 discs

  5. I have all both the 360 and ps3 but I always knew that I would get it for the ps3. I was actually kind of upset that it was coming for the 360 cause sony is losing a great exclusive game but I understand why Square Enix did it because more platforms means more money

  6. I have both and of course I'm getting it for the PS3, besides the obvious reason of having the game on one disc there's also the exclusives final fantasy versus 13 and final fantasy 14, it would make no sense to have those on PS3 and FF13 on 360

    final fantasy is still a PS3 franchise

    also, at least for once the 360 version will get the inferior port, since 13 started development only for PS3 so it's pushing to limits that 360 just can't reach

  7. I'm for the 360. And there are 3 reasons: 1080p, PS3 controllers are not good, achievements make me feel better than trophies

  8. If the version is better on Xbox 360 I'll buy it on Xbox 360 of course. But if it's better or the same I'll buy it on PS3.

  9. What kind of a moron said the game runs in 1080p on the 360??? Anybody over the age of 5 knows the 360 is INCAPABLE of doing native 1080p graphics from it's retail games. DVD9 can not do native HD - anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is either an ignorant fanboy or.......just ignorant.

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  11. It's PS3's version for me. No doubt.

  12. You PS3 boys could chat as much as you want. I'll get the Xbox 360's version.

    Just because there will be no difference between the two..

    No difference.

  13. I'm all about the achievements as opposed to the trophies so I'm buying it for the 360. Both versions will play just fine.

    I buy all the multi-platform games for the 360 anyways.

  14. i love you David Macphail

  15. lol, David Mr. Mac - Fail -lymphous is back on the gamesthirst comments section again.

    This guy is the biggest idiot in all history.

    I wonder why Ernice hasn't banned him.

    Terribly foul mouth and nasty. Terrible.

  16. people are worried about swapping discs? what about most of the FF series? when has that been a major issue? i havent liked the thumbsticks on the PS controller since the first dualshock - i prefer achievements to trophies and in most cases 360 has the better record for multi platform games wether it be for frame-rate anti-aliasing or better texturing and shadowing, with these rumors about the 360 ver running at a higher rez, tekken 6 does it so its possible the same will happen with FFXIII,

  17. To the anonymous retard replying to me - i'm guessing you're the one who started spreading that load of BS about 360 doing native HD from the DVD9 format? who's the idiot? Also - if you're going to accuse somebody else of being foul - mouthed you might not want to make a post full of insults at the same time otherwise you'll prove that you're the biggest, unedcuated hypocrite in history. I'm amazed YOU haven't been banned - you don't add anything except make an idiot out of yourself by claiming the 360 can do native must be the biggest idiot in all history if that's what you think!

    LOL....DVD's doing 1080p graphics??? Well i have a bunch of PS2 games that are on DVD so i guess that must mean i can go and enjoy all those in native HD as well.......ROFL!

    You blind fanboys crack me some research on the videogames industry before posting.

  18. If playing FF XIII on the 360 is wrong because FF has always been on playstation before, then I guess I shouldn't have had fun with GTA IV because GTA had been a playstation trademark before... Same for Resident Evil on 360... in a word: poor argument... but hey, feel dirty or clean all you like...

    On the other hand, the number of discs would be an issue to me... Swapping disc is annoying at best. But with hard drive install and a 120 Gb HDD, I don't see why the 360 version would be a problem...

  19. WOw is all this going to continue to flare up.
    Seriously I am going to buy the PS3 version simply because the game will not only be on one disc,but we can be assured that 360 version might have problems i.e. (Star Ocean 4),cough, cough. Now look @ Star Ocean 4 the last hope.PS3 owners get the better version exclusively for PS3.
    That is "Star Ocean 4 the Last Hope International" only on Playstation.

    But lets not forget about Tales of Vesperia, even the PS3 version is better. I am pissed that I went out to buy a 360 & the game when the PS3 version is better.

    Playstation 3 is a better console in my opinion, a 0.5% failure rate.XBOX 360 officially has a 54.2% failure rate. Now do you 360 fanboys see why I choose PS3 preferably, also the hardware was not half assed. 360's hardware was half assed. If PS3 is half assed then why is it that 360's still have plenty of problems.

  20. Yup I have 360 Wii and Ps3 and there is no way in hell that I would buy FF13 for 360. Matter a fact ever since PS3 woke up and added trophies I haven't bought a game for 360 except gears2 and fallout3.

  21. Ps3 version for me....this is a no brainer.

  22. Oh my damn PS3 waneabe fanboys really think you know everything do you???

    A DVD9 can't do 1080P???

    How stupid are you???

    The Diskspace has nothing to do with the Resolution of the rendered Game.

    You want proof???

    Can do!

    I will just pick some Game.

    Virtua Tennis 3

    Wikipedia writes: Both the PS3 and the 360 Versions of the Game offers native 1080P support.

    Just google for:

    Virtua Tennis 3 native 1080P

    There you have your proof.

    But wait....isn't that impossible???

    If i remeber correctly some Fanboy said a DVD9 (hello Virtua tennis 3) can't do native 1080P.

    Big Fail my good man.

    Don't talk shit about others if you can't back it up with the needed facts.

    The Resolution of a Game has nothing to do with the Size of the used medium(BLURAY,DVD)

    There're XboxLive Arcade and PSN Games with native 1080P. Wipeout for the PS3(PSN Download(not bigger than a DVD) is rendered in native 1080P.

    It is true that the 360 mainly focuses on the 720P resolution and then if forced to scales the Game up to 1080P. That wouldn't be native 1080P.

    But thats a Problem both of the HD Consoles(9PS3/360) had in the past and will have in the future. Some Games use native 1080P, the most use 720P and some even don't reach 720P.

    As for FFXIII. I will buy the better Version. If they're both equally good, then i will buy the PS3 Version.

    As for FF is a PS barnd. lol..

    First it was a Nintendo Brand FF 1 to 6. Then a mix of PS and PC with FF 7 - 8. Then a PS with 9 to 10()i don't want to think of X-2 as a FF Game)and then 12 again for the PS2.

    FF 11 was Pc/PS2/Xbox/Xbox 360 and PS3.

    FF13 is 360 and PS3. FF14 is PS3 and PC for now, but the 360 Version is allready in the Works with Square Enix mentoning a deal with Microsoft over the use of Xboxlive and FF14.

    Then there're the nintendo DS and PSP versions of FF Games.

    So the only PS3 exklusiv FF is FF versus 13. And that is not even finished.

    And Microsoft still needs some hurting Bullets to use @ the E3 Press conference.

    Square Enix betrayed the PS3 once and will do it again. Hell... even konami(Metal Gear Solid) betrayed Sony and the 360 will now get Metal Gear.

    I love my Ps3 and would have prefered, taht these games stayed exklusive. But thanks to the shitty world economics and the higher developingprices for this HD Gen...what should they do instead???

    PS3 pwnes Xbox 360... but the 360 is not half as bad as some people tend to say.

  23. Everyone needs to remember that Final Fantasy started on the NINTENDO! Sony is just Final Fantasy's second wife.

  24. i am getting on ps3 for 3 reasons
    1.dont got xbox 360
    2.most of the ff's are on ps
    3.i know that have less chance on the console dying when i turn it on to play the game

  25. Uhhhh, technically, you're wrong about something. Square NEVER said the both version would look identical. In fact they were quite specific in saying that bother version would have the same content, same story, and same gameplay, but specifically never mentioned graphics, saying that it was what they DID mantion that makes the game. So I wouldn't be so sure about both versions LOOKING identical.

    As for what you said about the 360 rendering the game at 1080p and PS3 at you gaming "journalist" still not understand that the 360 doesn't do ANYTHING in real 1080p? It doesn't even do alot of thing in real 720p. It upscales everything. Bottom line. That's why 360 looks awesome in SD, and in HD really looks almost the same, just sharper. PS3 on the other hand shows all content at it's native resolution. Hence why PS3 games look completely different in SD as compared to the same game in HD. They look good in both, just in some case look like almost completely different games. Look up the old Resistance SD/HD comparison, or the Killzone SD/HD comparison, and you'll see. They look like different games.

  26. I don't know why this is, but i too feel i should purchase FFXIII for my PS3. I own a 360, wii, ps3, and a high end gaming computer. And if it was any other console multipaltform game, I 100% would buy it for my 360 over anything else (assassin's Creed, GTA, Modern Warfare, etc etc..). But the only 2 games i will never purchase for my 360, is any Metal Gear release, and any Final Fantasy release. Unless ofcourse they were exclusive to the 360. It for some reason would just seem wrong to me. So a nice (and very true) article for me here dude xD

  27. And btw, to the guy that posted the comment above my last one...

    Stop being a ps3 fanboy faggot. The 360 does display games at 720p and 1080p when the developers develop them to run at those resolutions.

    The only game i can think of from the top of my head that doesnt run at truely run at either, is Halo 3. So I don't know what you're going on about tbh.

    Go buy a 360, and try SD and HD and get a real oppinon you prick.

  28. You have no clue what you're talking about john. The 360 isn't capable of putting out 1080p. He's totally right, it's upscaled 1080p. Alot of it's games are in 720p, but alot aren't even that. Halo 3 is not the only one. There's quite a long list in fact.

    Basically you just started being a fanboy and calling someone a "ps3faggot" for no reason. Because he's right. Are you sure it's not you who's the "360faggot"? Though I personally wouldn't call someone that, you seem to need a taste of your own medicine. You need to get informed my friend, and stop being a fanboy.

  29. Dude. I'm a fanboy for no one. I just don't like it when someone blatantly has a go at one console simply because they (for w/e reason) hate it.

    And I don't know where you've been. But here:

    Have a little read of that, and also of my first comment :) You will find I'm not a fanboy for any console, and the 360 can also display 1080p natively. I simply buy most my games for 360 cos most of my friends have a 360.
    So I won't be needing any of "my own medicine" thanks :)

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. John, stop drinking the kool-aid man. Do you honestly think it's at all possible for a software update to magically make a DVD bigger to be able to hold a game with all it's content and decent graphics at a 1080p resolution? Or somehow magically put data on the disks of current games to make them native 1080p? Of course not. It's impossible. For a game to be in native 1080p, all that data has to be on the disk, which unless it's an incredibly small game, with low end graphics, is never going to fit on a DVD, nevermind a data and graphics heavy game like FF13.

    It's just software, on hardware, which means it's only upscaling.

    That "native 1080p" line in reality can only pertain to video content, which would still have to be huge files. The fact that they put "games" in there is complete propaganda for the most part. Through a software update you can not suddenly make games native 1080p. It could only pertain to video content, small casual games, and future DVD game, but the fact is, like I said, any decent looking game, with a decent amount of content couldn't fit on a DVD at 1080p anyway. Hell, they can hardly fit on a DVD at 720p, to be at 1080p is TWICE the amount of data!! It would have to be an extremely small, bad looking game. So pretty much, it's still just going to be upscaling everything that matters....which is quality games.

    What you linked to is just an example of how MS uses propaganda to grab it's fans by the nose, and lead them around to wherever they want, and to say whatever they want, not being questioned at all. And the majority of their gamers buy right into it (unlike me), and spread that propaganda as gospel. Stop the non-sense and THINK about these things before you just accept them as truth. Because what they're selling you there is complete BS.

  32. its impossible for the 360 to run it in 1080p because it cant run 1080p period only 1080i (upscaled 720p) sooo yeahh i'll be getting this on my ps3.

  33. Dear Xbox Fanboys, please shut up, I own a PS3, 360, and Wii, so don't judge me, but yes the guy who said the 360 doesn't run proper 1080P is correct, it is just upscaled, but the 360 is capable for proper 720P.

  34. I do not own an Xbox 360, I own a 60Gb PS3. But I do know that the 360 is able to display native 1080p. It wasn't always able to on HDMI, just VGA, now it can on HDMI through a firmware update.

    What you say about movies is correct - a full length movie in 1080p wouldn't fit on a DVD, but if it was extremely short, it would. I have burned, with a program made for the purpose, developed by PC User magazine, a DVD with 1080p video, that I could play on my PS3, and any other player capable of playing high definition content. The format is called AVCHD - look it up.

    As for the games, wipeout HD is a full 1080p game available for download via the PSN which is under the size of a DVD. Newer xbox games are coming out with 1080p content. A game is not like a video, the console renders is out of wire mesh, textures, lighting etc etc etc, so it can make it however big it wants to be. GT5's photo mode can do renders of its replays / scenes in more then 8 mega pixel, which according to your logic, means that the entire game would have to be at that size - how would that fit on a single disc?

    Just to recap, the Xbox can display native 1080p. I'm not an xbox fanboy, I just prefer to RESEARCH so I know what the hell I'm talking about before I go off my head on a forum, filling more heads with rubbish.

  35. I have both consoles. I only use 360 for exclusive games, like Gears of war. I will get my FF13 copy on PS3. My reasons are:
    I prefer the PS 3 Controller.
    The 360 is a loud and noisy machine.
    I don't want to use the 360 too much, they break easily.(Hence only exclusive titles)
    I've been playing all my FF games since 7 on a playstation, why change?

  36. omg, some nontechnical ps3 funboys, want to claim their truth. The size of the medium has nothing to do with 1080p. Just to make sure, look at some PC games, if you have a good VGA card you can run even in 1080+ P with AA so according to your logic, the game would have to be on at least 2 50 GB BD discs. Epic fail, do research then write comments. But as they say : ignorance is bliss.

  37. go ps3 (>")> (ps3) :)

  38. hahaha so many xbot fanboys here.
    theres so many its ridiculous.

  39. People need to start being a gamer and less of a fanboy. This really applies to the people that have both systems but claim one is way better then the other.

    Secondly to claim Final Fantasy is only for Playstation is dumb. Why!? Lets look back where the original 1-6 came from oh wait they were on Nintendo and Super Nintendo. And to say it would feel weird to play it on another system is more fanboyism. I myself only played Tekken on a playstation but when Tekken 6 came out I got it on my 360. I love the game not the system it's on.

    Final Fantasy is a good game. I will get it on my 360 because I like my 360 and I don't own a PS3 easy choice for me.

  40. Hee hee. you guys are funny.
    Everyone should play FF13 it will be one of the best games of all time. Does not matter what you play it on. Just play it. K?

  41. you crack smoking clucks who cares what platform its on if you like FF just play it. Hell all the consoles are great to say one is better is just a matter of opinon. enjoy what you have & game on.

  42. i cant read it anymore this fanboyshit lol

    i hate consolewars ps3 owner but i dont say the xbox is shit i think both are great ...and im lucky with my PS3 and others with 360
    and? where is the problem? we make a war just only for a console?

    that is stupid and sickly for me...take it easy and play the game on ps3 or 360!

  43. this is stupid we're just talkin about a damn game nothing big and what system thats all the end

  44. I do hope no one is claiming that I am a fanboy. Read through my comments.

    At no point have i bashed the ps3. I've only bashed the fanboy that can't accept both consoles are great. I was simply telling him/her to sort their facts out before posting about stuff he/she clearly knows nothing about.

    And again to the guy that for some reason can't accept that games can indeed be played at 1080p native. You really need to read up before posting like you know shit.

    Here's a nice little list i found that tells you the game's native resolutions.

    Scroll down and look at the ps3 AND 360 lists. Both console have games that can play at 1080p native.
    For example Virtua Tennis 3.

    Well i'm finished.
    So yea, back to my original post:
    Final Fantasy for ps3 for me! :) Can't fucking wait :D

  45. "The 360 does display games at 720p and 1080p when the developers develop them to run at those resolutions.

    The only game i can think of from the top of my head that doesnt run at truely run at either, is Halo 3."

    Alone in the Dark = 1040x600
    Bionic Commando = 1120x640
    Call of Duty 3 = 1040x624
    Call of Duty 4 = 1024x600
    Call of Duty: World at War = 1024x600
    Conan = 1024x576
    Don King Prizefighter = 1024x630
    Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion = 1024x600
    Far Cry 2 = 1280x696
    Fable II = 1120x720
    Fifa 2006 = 1024x576
    Fifa 2007 = 1200x675
    Halo 3 = 1152x640
    Halo 3: ODST = 1152x640
    Ikaruga = 540x720
    MK vs DC = 1024x576
    NCAA Football 08 = 1024x600
    Ninja Gaiden 2 = 1120x585
    Perfect Dark Zero = 1152x640
    Pro Evolution Soccer 6 = 1024x576
    Project Gotham Racing 3 = 1024x600
    Prototype = 1120x640
    Saint's Row 2 = 640p
    Sonic Unleashed = 880x720
    Star Ocean 4 = 882x496
    Tomb Raider Legend = 1024x600
    Tomb Raider Underworld = 1024x576
    Tony Hawk's Project 8 = 1040x585
    Wanted = 1120x640

  46. Native FullHD games on HD consoles:

    Xbox 360

    Boogie Bunnies = 1920×1080
    Fifa Street 3 = 1920×1080
    NBA Street Home court = 1920×1080
    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel = 1920×1080
    Virtua Tennis 3 = 1920×1080

    PlayStation 3

    1942: Joint Strike = 1920×1080
    Blast Factor = 1920×1080
    Calling All Cars = 1920×1080
    Cars Mater-National = 1920×1080
    Commando 3 = 1920×1080
    Echochrome = 1920×1080
    Elefunk = 1920×1080
    Fifa Street 3 = 1920×1080
    Full Auto 2 = 1920×1080
    Go Puzzle = 1920×1080
    High Velocity Bowling = 1920×1080
    Locoroco Cocoreccho = 1920×1080
    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance = 1920×1080
    MLB09: The Show = 1920×1080
    NBA07 = 1920×1080
    NBA08 = 1920×1080
    NBA Street Home court = 1920×1080
    Pixel Junk Monsters/Racers/Eden = 1920×1080
    Ridge Racer 7 = 1920×1080
    Rocketmen = 1920×1080
    Sudoku = 1920×1080
    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel = 1920×1080
    Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection = 1920×1080
    Virtua Tennis 3 = 1920×1080
    World Series Of Poker 2008 = 1920×1080
    Wipeout HD = 1920×1080

  47. "even konami(Metal Gear Solid) betrayed Sony and the 360 will now get Metal Gear."

    Metal Gear Solid 4 is still and will always be PS3 exlusive, Rising is just a spin-off that is not even made by Kojima Team.

  48. "Just because there will be no difference between the two.."

    Yes, there will be.

    For example.

    PS3 version will be on one disc > X0 version will be on several discs

    PS3 version has 1080p CGI cutscenes > X0 version has lower resolution cutscenes

    PS3 version has also japanese audio > X0 version has only english audio

  49. lets not forget that 360 uses Dual and Triple Layer for some games when needed like gears of war 2 - which had triple layer, lets also not forget what 1080p/i is, progressive and interlaced, both have the same amount of horizontal scan lines, and the same amount of pixels about 2mill, the only difference is that progressive scan does it sequentialy, say 1,2,3 while interlaced will do it 1,3,5 its more to do with converting to 1080p, how the image is displayed rather then upscaling it

  50. To the guy that posted a reply to me (at 5:15am) with a list of 360 games that run with a lower res that 720p.

    I don't keep that info in my head. I apolagize.

    As for the list, I found and read that AFTER posting that comment about Halo3 being a lower res. I wasn't stating Halo 3 was the only game at a lower res. I knew there were more, I just couldnt think of em. SORRY.

  51. I can't believe there's some 360 fanboy faggots on here who don't understand the difference between upscaling and NATIVE HD. How retarded can you people be??? Look - i never credited the Microsoft Cheerleading Squad with an over - abundance of brains but if you think that DVD9 can do NATIVE 1080p then it's obvious your parents were brother and sister.

    Tell me - if you upscale a DVD through your PS3/360 does it become native HD??? LOL - retard! Of course not, so why would a 360 game be any different? Saying a 360 game will run at 1080p and the PS3 game will run at 720p is the same as saying that a DVD movie will run at 1080p but the Blu - Ray version will only be guys really are stupid. There is NO Xbox 360 retail game on the planet that outputs in 1080p - you want proof??? Pick up the freaking box and read the back of it you moron - it does 720p at BEST.

    I know 360 fanboys don't research OR play games but this is just ridiculous - this is pre - school stuff! There are newly born babies that have more knowledge about native resolutions and the differences between upscaling then you retards do!

    Go back to playing your idiot games in 720p.......if you're playing a game in native 1080 then it's sure not the 360 you're playing it on.......LOL!

  52. 360 games are not dvd video - the engine renders the game at 1080p

  53. David Macfail you are very confused. Read the small comment above this.

    360 games are NOT movies.

    Of course games can run in native 1080p from a dvd.

  54. To the 2 retard kids who don't follow the technology market (They're probably the same person) the engine does not render the game in 1080p it UPSCALES (Look the term up before posting) to a meager 720p. How stupid can you people be? If games can run in native 1080p from a DVD then what you're saying is that every PS2 game ever made is automatically NATIVE HD - LMAO!!! Now who's a bit confused?

    Also - to the idiot who used Xbox LIVE Marketplace games as an example - you've just proved my point you genius. Games distributed over the Marketplace are not limited to the DVD formnat which means it's possible for them to be 1080......DVD's don't do native 1080p.....stop being a retard.

    I can't believe there's people on the planet that are actually this stupid when it comes to technology and yet they haven't stuck their head in a blender yet...........

  55. the ps2 can not run 1080p games, it is not a HD console, data is not upscaled. textures etc are taken by the engine and render the game at 1080p, it has nothing to do with the fact it is a dvd, it is data

  56. Boogie Bunnies = 1920×1080
    Fifa Street 3 = 1920×1080
    NBA Street Home court = 1920×1080
    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel = 1920×1080
    Virtua Tennis 3 = 1920×1080

    these 360 games run at native 1080p from source, from disc, the engine does not upscale these games, its nothing to do with DVDs

  57. You must be really freaking's no wonder you're hiding behind an "Anonymous" username like most uneducated forum trolls. If DVD9 does native 1080p then why do DVD movies not do native 1080 you freaking moron??? If a DVD could do native 1080 there would be no need for a Blu - Ray format, would there???

    Xbox 360 does not do native HD for it's retail games because it can't use the Blu - Ray format. The 360's engine has nothing to do with resolutions you idiot - it's the FORMAT that determines the maximum resolution.

    Either you're mentally retarded, under the age of 7 or you've never played a game in your life..........which is it?

  58. if i were to take a 3000x3000 img and put it onto a DVD, when i put it on another computer, it will not be upscaled to 3000x3000 from 720 it is a digital format, the formats are their to preserve their original size

  59. movies are very different from games, they tend to be larger and are limited by the output of the dvd player

  60. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  61. i replied to your comment about the ps2 1080p thing, how you said if DVD could do 1080p for games then every ps2 game is native 1080p, i replied this is not true, becuase the ps2 was not designed for it, it was needed, and 1080p TVS were not availible, i did not say that you said they could....

  62. David watch you mouth.

    Xbox 360 can't render in 1080p, however it can do 1080i but little is known on how good the console will handle it.

    The best for the Xbox 360 would be 720p.

    PS3 can do all. 720p, 1080i, 1080p

  63. PS3 owner since 2007November 24, 2009 at 8:02 AM

    David, resolution has nothing to do with a storage media. If you wanted you could burn 1080p video sample files (or other smaller fullhd videofiles eg. 1080p trailers) to DVD-/+R and when you play them with your mediaplayer they are / stay in native 1080p resolution. Just because full length H264, MPEG4 AVC, or VC-1 encoded videos don't fit to DVD disc, doesn't mean that you can't play 1080p media from DVD disc or if you wanted even CD or memstick and so on.

  64. "If DVD9 does native 1080p then why do DVD movies not do native 1080?"

    Because 1080p movies the way they are encoded dont fit to DVD. Game engines are different thing.

  65. Xbox 360 gets its first taste of native 1080p

  66. David McFail, you could not be more ignorant and poorly educated about what you are acting as an authority on. The amount of space on a disc has absolutely nothing to do with video resolution. As 'PS3 owner since 2007' said, you could fit a 1080p video on a DVD no problem if it was less than 9GB. Or even a CD if it was les than 700mb. I can't believe anybody who is even slightly tech-savvy would not know that. So before you go stating things as absolute fact, please first ensure that they are. Thanks.

  67. How many times do you 360 fanboys need to be told??? DVD9 cannot accomplish 1080p output in a NATIVE resolution. It's just not physically possible. It's like asking a VHS tape to do 1080p output. The 360 can accomplish 1080p games from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace - because they are not limited to the DVD format. It can stream 1080p movies........because they are not put on DVD's. Xbox 360 retail games are put on DVD's and are therefore not 1080p. Let it go!

    Blu - Ray is the ONLY physical media in existence that can accomplish native HD resolutions......the engine of a console has nothing to do with anything - it's the FORMAT that counts you blind fanboys.

  68. I'll see which version is better. Simple.

  69. Current generation video game consoles such as Sony's PlayStation 3 (all models) and Microsoft's Xbox 360 (specific models manufactured after June 2007 only) are able to display 1080p through HDMI ports (HDMI 1.3a and HDMI 1.2 respectively), as well as through component cable on both systems and through VGA connection on Xbox 360. On the Xbox 360, the games that aren't rendered natively at 1080p are upscaled using a built in upscaler (meaning that all X360 games can be displayed in 1080p) , while on the PS3 the developers must ensure upscaling support. On both systems, 1080p games are automatically downscaled to 480i/576i to work on SDTVs, or downscaled to 480p/576p to remain compatible with EDTV. The PS3 also supports 1080p display through its PlayStation Store VOD service[13], Blu-ray playback[14], and built-in Internet browser[15]. In Fall 2009, Microsoft's Zune Video Marketplace was rolled into the Xbox Live Marketplace, and features 1080p video content.

  70. To the anonymous moron who replied to me - did your parents even bother sending you to school? Or did they just sit you in front of Barney and let him teach you about HD resolutions??? Because you have got to be the most ignorant and pathetic person on this entire website. How anybody can be this badly uneducated is beyond me.

    I never said the amount of disc space determined the resolution you idiot - it's the FORMAT that does that. The fact that you have the two mixed up speaks volumes about how ignorant you are on this matter. Like i said....this is the kind of stuff you should have learned in pre - school.......or you would have if you'd been given an education.

    It is you who is too thick to admit when you have been proven wrong and every time you reply you're making yourself out to be even more ignorant.....grow up or at least do some research before making another post.

    So before you go stating things as fact.......please make sure you have read what other people have said first, OK? Good job!

  71. I have both..gettin it on PS3

  72. so what on a dvd prevents data that the engine procceses to render at 1080p? PC gamers dont half have the short end of the stick if the expensive gaming machines they bought dont even do HD games...

  73. the max resolution for dvd-9 is somehing like 8/700 x 6/400, but ive never seen anything about DVDS preventing images being rendered at 1080p, links would be nice

  74. are you talking about the wavelength of the laser and such, the amount of lines on the TV that can be recorded? that affects video, games are rendered by the engine from data on the disc,do u have proof cuz ive never heard about this?

  75. David McFail.

    Please listen.

    DVDs (and any other disc format for that matter) ARE SIMPLY just containers for information, and as long as the file(s) fit, will have no problem being stored on that disc. You with me so far?

    As long as the game fits on the DVD, the game can be stored and played at 1080p from a DVD because the 360 and the PS3 are able to render them at that resolution. This is because the game is not set into the dvd like a film. It is simply raw data, that the 360/PS3 themselves draw out and render for the player to see on the screen at whatever resolution is selected (PC games for example)

    A short 1080p movie can be stored on a dvd, and as long as the Blu-ray/Dvd Player can
    1. Read the disc format
    2. Stream the data fast enough
    and 3. Output 1080p to a TV,
    it will have no problem playing 1080p from a DVD.

    Please make sure you read each of the points carefully, and take each one in. Can you see what we are all trying to tell you now?


  76. actually there is a max resoultion for dvds, becuase of the laser wavelength, however for games this doesent apply

  77. the 1080p would exist but it would be upscaled from the dvds max resolution

  78. games can be rendered in native 1080p becuase the DVD holds data for example a 3d model, the engine will render it in 1080p

  79. not 100 percent on this, but it may be possible to get 1080p footage on the dvd, although the wavelenght will not allow more then 720p, i think it can be packaged into data that the player will understand and play it in 1080p,

  80. John the mong - read the following very carefully to avoid even further embarassment:

    If a DVD gives information to the 360 and the 360 re - renders it at a higher resolution that is called UPSCALING.......upscaling is NOT the same as NATIVE you understand that part?

    The whole point of this argument was that 360 fanboys were claiming Final Fantasy XIII would run in NATIVE (Do you remember that word? That's the one that's not upscaling.) 1080p.

    Upscaled resolutions do not go to 1080p......they only go as high as 720p. There is no such thing as a native HD source coming directly from a DVD.

    Do me a favour kid - pick up your Xbox 360 games (You must have at least one) and read the back cover. Read the part where it says "Output Resolution" or something similar and tell me what it lists. You will not have a SINGLE Xbox 360 game that lists 1080p output on the back cover. They will be at 640 and 720.......DVD does not do 1080p. Your own games prove you wrong!

    After looking at the back cover of your own games and realising how ridiculous you have just made yourself look you can either come back here and apologise or just don't bother showing your face here again.

  81. most say 1080p

    can we have proof that dvds prevent data that the engine renders at 1080p?

  82. data like a model can be rendered in the engine as 1080p native,

  83. Can you give me proof that your 360 games say they render in 1080p? Can you provide a screenshot of your TV displaying a 1080p native resolution from your Xbox 360 retail games??? Can you stop spamming the forum's like a troll?

  84. heres one,

  85. can you give proof it doesent render at native 1080p, can you stop insulting people and not backing up your claims?

  86. LMFAO - Halo 3??? You're trying to tell me you can get Halo 3 to output in native 1080p from the Xbox 360??? OMG.........are you kidding me?

    Please, even the most dedicated 360 fanboy would admit Halo 3 does not do 1080p on their must have learning difficulties.

    Why don't you send Microsoft or Bungie or whoever an E - Mail and ask them what native resolution Halo 3 outputs in??? Then you'll realise how big of an idiot you've just made yourself look. Or better yet - type in "Halo 3 Native Resolution" into Google......go on kid, i dare you.

    As for me backing up my've just done it for me you genius you. Trying to claim Halo 3 is native 1080p really shows how ignorant you are.

    Let's ask the people of GamesThirst if they can get Halo 3 to do native 1080p shall we? LOL..........this is unbelievable!

  87. based on what u said david - which itself seems based on nothing as you havent yet provided any proof, i could ask you to show me screenshot of a native 1080p ps3 game, i will ask you to try this however, get blender make a box and save it. burn it onto dvd and put it on the computer, then open it render it as 1080p, does that mean it wont be native 1080p beucase the file came from a disc?

  88. we all know halo 3 is not 1080p native, however u said show me one 360 game that says 1080p on the back and i bet you wont find one. there you go, try out the blender thing -

  89. hmm i really dont care both consoles are exellent i have both consoles but my
    360 has no hdmi
    and fan noize loud as hell
    = i go ps3

  90. post @ 12:52

    *dvd not disc

  91. thats not the fan thats the disc drive -

  92. no i allways install games on hdd so drive noise is not an problem
    i have launch 360

  93. u still have a luanch 360?? lolza

  94. iguess if it breaks from fiddeling with it shame on you
    if it breaks from playing games shame on them right?

  95. yeah true,- ive had like 3, but i cant complain seeing as the latest batch are really quiet and a nice free shiny 360 is fine. although as i had the oens from luanch mine too does not have the HDMI cable, seeing as i dont have a HD TV yet it doesent really matter

  96. This doesn't really solve anything, but it is an interesting article concerning the file sizes of games. It also states the fact that a better looking game can be smaller in size than a worse looking game due to compression techniques and other factors.

    Again, doesn't have anything to do with FF13, because this game obvioiusly has a huge file size [How big is it anyway? Guess we won't know until someone cracks the disc(s)]

    And I'll be buying it for 360.

  97. well Mass effect was one dual layer at about 6gig, gears of war 2 was one triple layer 15 gig disc i think, but im not sure - lost oddysee maybe using 7 or the full 8.5 gig per disc that was 4 dual layer discs, assuming they will use dual layer not triple maybe 20-30 gig over 4 discs, triple layer 2 or 3

  98. ill get it 4 360,i dont see what exactly would make it "not feel right" a games a game, a consoles a console, its not going to ruin the special time i had with ff7 and me psone, playing number XIII on 360 wont make it feel wrong for me

  99. ps3 for me personally. I think it is natural straight way to play this game. It is not a shooter, it is on one disk. no matter what resolution it's gonna have.
    Shooters for 360. All other genres for PS3.

  100. I think David is right on this one. lol.

  101. Yeah, someone please tell the guy who just gave the Halo 3 link that the next time he comes on GamesThirst or any other website for that matter, he need to come with some facts to back him up.

    Seriously, I don't usually agree with David, but this time he's on target,


  102. on what exactly? check the post about him saying i bet u cant find any 360 game with 1080p on the back, i jsut posted the link becuase of that - he still hasnt provided any proof that dvds prevent data from rendering 1080p in engines

  103. as has been said before, make a box in blender, save it, burn it to disc, open it from the disc, render it in 1080p, magic!!

  104. To the guy replying to me - there are very few PS3 games that run in 1080p. All PS3 games are CAPABLE of doing 1080p but developers usually choose not to because it buggers up the framerate (Apparantly). Most PS3 games run at the same resolution the 360 games do (720p). Lair is the only game that comes to mind when i think NATIVE 1080p.

    This is what you have confused - you seem to be under the impression that native resolutions and an upscaled image are the same thing. If you have your 360 hooked up to a HDTV and you put a DVD in it will upscale the DVD......does that make the DVD NATIVE HD??? No - that would be stupid. The exact same principle applies for gaming - the image you see on the screen is not NATIVE HD - developers try to stay away from it because otherwise it would look crap on SD screens that some gamers still use (For some absurd reason). They make the image compatible with SD and allow it to be upscaled........thus, it is not the NATIVE (Original) resolution you are viewing but an "Upgraded" one. Like i said, Lair is the only game i can think of that does things differently.

    Blu - Ray films are in NATIVE 1080p which is why you NEED a HDTV to view them. Games do not do this. If you upscale the image it is not native............i really don't understand why you can't comprehend that simple fact.

    Nobody is saying DVD9 cannot be upscaled - of course it can be upscaled. However it gets upscaled to 720p and is not in NATIVE High - Definition.

  105. youve come down on the wrong side of the argument, were not talking about films, the wavelength of the laser does not allow video and such to be more then 720 on a DVD, but then thats not what happens in games...

    how can you upscale data if it hasnt been rendered yet? the engine takes the models etc from data on the disc, then renders it and outputs it in whatever it is set to, please prove why data, not imgs has to be upscaled,

  106. i apoligise i think i see the error i made when u mean native, you dont mean the highest possible output, you mean the standard output??

  107. perhaps we misunderstand eachother - i understand that if u upscale an image, the new resoltuion is not native that is obvious, but what about a 3d model that is drawn in the engine and rendered at 1080 wihtout being upscaled?? why is that not possible?

  108. Yes - by native HD i mean the original resolution the game was coded for. Rendering 3D images in native 1080p can cause the image to not display correctly (Or at all) on SDTV's and can also cause framerate issues with the game, which is why most dev's stay away from it. The game has to be coded to work at a certain resolution before being shipped on the DVD.....which is why Xbox 360 retail games can't do native 1080p.

  109. so rather then it being about dvd its about the devs who choose not to have it @ 1080??

  110. No, it is not physically possible for a DVD to display a native 1080p source direct. The only way a DVD can do an HD resolution is by being can't give a direct 1080p resolution by itself. Although, even if it could, devs would probably still choose not to.

  111. but why is the engine limited by DVD?

  112. say a 3d model, why wont the engine render it in 1080p, the dvd is just reading the data and the engine is rendering it at 1080 - what from the DVD means it interferes with the engine?

  113. how does the DVD prevent the engine from rendering a 3d model @1080?

  114. oh my god, talking to david is like smashing your head into a brick wall!

    Step one - go to Google

    Step two - type in AVCHD on DVD

    Step three - learn not to be such a meat head and accept the truth!
    Say there is a game, released on PSN or Xbox market place, and it runs at think of the files used by the console to render and make those images, are you with me, and those files are no bigger than the size of a DVD, right...SO WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE THAT THOSE FILES CAME OVER THE INTERNET, DVD, BLU RAY it makes no difference!

    The DVD is a STORAGE medium. It CAN transmit 1080p video if the video is of the right format - AVCHD is one format that offers true, NATIVE 1080p that will burn onto a normal cheapo DVD-R and will play on any device that is AVCHD capable - not up-scaled. Get your damn facts straight, you are embarrassing yourself.

    And video is NOT THE SAME as a game. Games are RENDERED videos are DECODED from a source. The consoles can make em whatever size they want as long as the developers have made it possible, it is not bound by a set size as it has to develop images and sounds on the fly to suit the situation.

    And what pisses me off so much is that you are being the most ignorant abusive son of a bitch about it, but you clearly have NO IDEA.

    Look around google for a while - it might teach you something. And get your head out of your ass.

  115. Nick - are your parents brother and sister? Because right now you're only further demonstrating your learning difficulties like a typical trolling moron. Maybe you should stop smashing your head against a brick wall and then you would better understand this you freaking idiot.

    The Xbox 360 upscales all it's games you moron. Final Fantasy XIII will be upscaled and will not be native 1080p. Games released over Xbox LIVE Marketplace are not put on DVD's you braindead meathead which is why they can be native 1080p......because the internet will accept any file fornmat Microsoft want it to. I can't believe you insit on embarassing yourself like this.

    As for a DVD movie.......if what you're saying is true then it would be impossible for a DVD to be upsclaed because it would ALWAYS be decoded for SDTV sets you idiot......however, obviously DVD's CAN freely be upscaled. Further proof you have no idea what you're talking about. Also, movie file sizes are typically SMALLER than videogame file sizes so if a NATIVE 1080p game would fit on a DVD9 a native 1080p movie damn sure would!

    I can't believe there are people here as uneducated and thick as you however you still insist on making a complete assclown out of yourself while you seem to have NO IDEA what you're blethering on about.

    Blu - Ray discs have been optimised for higher resolutions you idiot........which is why a movie played from a Blu - Ray disc has 5 times better picture quality then one played from a DVD. DVD's have been optimised to play on older TV sets at lower resolutions.......trying to force them to produce a NATIVE HD source would give you bad results. Which is why devs found a way around it..........they can store the content in a resolution that fits on SDTV's and allow it to be upscaled. If they didn't then it WOULDN'T DISPLAY ON OLDER TV SETS YOU FREAKING DUMBASS!!! Do you think that's what Microsoft want? To alienate a huge potential market of non - HD customers??? How freaking stupid can you be? ALL Xbox 360 games are upscaled, except some from the Marketplace, no retail games for the 360 are native HD and most PS3 games aren't either.

    Go look at the back of some game cases and get yourt head out of your ass......that way you might be able to see what's right in front of you you idiot.

  116. Nothing you say will convince me you are right and I am wrong. So I will not even bother. Good luck dumbass, you'll find out one day.

  117. This game is definatley meant for PS3 and as said" no ifs ands or buts about it final fantasy has always been PS and other sony systems so it shouldnt be on the 360; its just like how controversial Star Ocean The Last Hope was when it was released for the 360 as an exclusive but now its coming out as an International Version on PS3. so maybe they had some kind of comprimise?

    bu on topic: FFXIII=PS3 not Xbox

  118. What appears to be the back of the Final Fantasy XIII boxart over in Japan has leaked onto the web - and the image confirms some long-debated questions about the final release of the game.

    Specifically, the back of the box states that the game has No Optional or Mandatory install, only using up 500kb of hard drive space for a save game. This is great news for PS3 owners, and indicates that the game will run as smoothly as the demo did.

    The image also confirms that the PS3 version will have super high quality LPCM 5.1 audio and the CGI sequences will be in full 1080p HD rather than the 720p that was feared.

    While the game itself does run in 720p, this means the FMVs on PS3 will be of the highest possible quality. This may be the advantage PS3 will have over Xbox 360, as fitting lossless audio and large FMVs on a DVD will prove difficult.