Tuesday, November 24

Producer Don Carmody compares the Resident Evil movies to Saw

For true fans of the Resident Evil franchise, the fact that movies exist is not only a heart-breaking ordeal, but also enough to put us all into permanent therapy.

This is what the Don Carmody, producer of the newest entry in the franchise entitled 'Afterlife' had to say regarding the amount of money these movies have been making.

"Part two made more than one, three made more than two and we're hoping four will make more than three," he said. "It keeps the franchise strong. What we want to avoid is what's happening with the Saw franchise which is going the other way. We're hoping Paul being back in the driver's seat with 3-D and these big action set pieces will keep it going."

He just compared the Resident Evil movies to the Saw franchise which quite frankly, I would rather sit through all 6 of them multiple times then have to sit through another Resident Evil movie.

Also, does this mean they are going to be making more movies based on Resident Evil in the same way Saw has a million sequels? Remember folks that 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' is supposed to be the beginning of a new trilogy so it's possible.

11/24/09 Colton West

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