Friday, November 27

Gamers, what are you doing?! Support gaming news magazines!

In recent news, we learned that Future, the company behind gaming magazines like Nintendo Power, Official Xbox Magazine, PC Gamer, Playstation: The Official Magazine and Games Radar suffered massive losses in the U.S. and although the UK was not as bad, they still lost millions of dollars. In fact, profits tumbled a disgraceful 61 percent in 2009.

Gamers, we can't allow this company to die and bring down all of the aforementioned great gaming news magazines with it.

Before the armada of gaming news websites started flooding the internet, it was those magazines that brought us relevant news, excellent interviews, beautiful screenshots, and well written reviews amongst other things, and they still do. A lot of the stories you see on sites big and small around the web are sometimes ripped off directly from said magazines and copied unto websites because the info is either breaking news, or insider information which can only be found in the them.

But now, gamers don't support them anymore. It's almost like ditching a girlfriend who took good care of you, but because she isn't available all day at your beck-n-call, you leave her out in the cold? Cruel. You mean a month's worth of content in one magazine is not good enough for you? I see, you want instant gratification; and it's all good, go for it, but don't forget your first love. And come to think of it, the monthly subscription fees are not even expensive; sometimes you get it for less than one dollar a month. We need to think really long and hard before we get rid of a medium that has supplied us with the most comprehensive gaming news for years.

Some may argue saying Future should abandon the magazines because everything is free online. I don't think so. They should continue circulation, however something new must be forged that will allow them to gain online momentum plus revenue and it should not be just another website. I have no clue, but it's not my job anyway, the guys at Future are brilliant so let them come up with something.

OK I'm done, but here's Future's link, go re-subscribe, you know you did once. And don't allow this to ever happen again. (Sigh)

11/27/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Yes we can. If you fancy helping Future out why don't you shut down your website. I don't like paying £5.99 to hear news I read on N4G two months ago, or to read reviews that because of costs and advertising are basically just adverts, written by people who aren't allowed to tell the truth. Or get a demo I downloaded last month. Mags are dead.

  2. As has been said:

    1) - These magazines are much thinner than they used to be
    2) - Contain hardly any information that isn't already widely known by anyone with the internet
    3) - Contain reviews that don't say much that isn't already said on the internet - on the 80 or so sites you can check to get a wide view on a game (rather than a single opinion)
    4) - These magazines seem to be 50% full of adverts these days
    5) - The demos on the disks that come with the magazines are virtually all the demos that everyone has already downloaded from either LIVE or the PSN...

    6) - Finally, in terms of bang for buck, the cost just isn't worth it. There is perhaps one or two articles a year that are worth reading, and for £60, I'd rather not bother...


  3. When above two put it like that then you can't help but just nod.. maybe in a sad manner but nod anyway. Physical monthly mags, you sirs fail miserably in a fast world like this.

  4. As a blogger myself, I'll always have room for physical mags. News on the Internet is quicker absolutely, but as an avid reader of Playstation Official Magazine (UK), I feel like news isn't something they focus on.

    Speaking about OPM in particular, there focus is on quality features, reviews and interviews, and you just don't get that quality from a website. Plus you can read it in bed.

    I prefer to read my reviews and features in a magazine, and Official Playstation Magazine cover the things I enjoy. I'll stay subscribed.

  5. I don't give a S**t about stupid gayms magazines.

  6. I've been a diehard Playstation: the official magazine reader since its inception. Playstation underground member long before that. I have also had a game informer subscription for years.. I love magazines. I get so excited when one arrives in the mail. These baseless claims that magazines are full of info found online long before the magazine reaches circulation is absurd. Magazine editors work very hard to ensure that the info is very relevant and new...

  7. Used to get magazines every month. But then I discovered Metacritic for reviews, N4G for general news and then my mag stopped releasing demo discs, but continued to charge the same high price. When I discovered one of the journalists who writes for the mag also writing on IGN I severed ties completely.

    I don't feel bad. I save money, get immediate info, and move on with my life.

  8. I hope Future burns in Hell.

  9. Magazines are a thing of the past. Adapt or fail.

  10. how can you honestly say this?
    said magazines have gone down the crap hole latley.
    i remember 10 years ago OPMAU use to be 5 bucks, thats it.
    now its 20 bucks.
    but hey i dont mind, times have passed things are more expensive.
    i would not mind if the quality was still there.
    but thats the problem.
    ITS NOT!

    i remember 10 years ago these mags had previews of games way before websites, they had a preview of the matrix path of neo well before IGN or any other site even spoke of it.
    they had reviews of games months before the game was out.
    so you had a reason to buy the magazines because they had information you could only get with the mags, now thats changed so why buy them?

    they use to have reviews of games months in advance but lets have a look at OPM AU december edition.
    what are they reviewing?
    whats this?
    i thought that was released months ago, why would i read a review of a game released months ago, let alone pay to read it.
    another one borderlands, another one dragon age origins.
    so why should i pay 20 bucks for a magazine for information i probably read 2 months ago?
    why, come on im waiting?
    give me 1 good reason why i should go out and spend 20 bucks on the latest OMP and ill go buy it now.
    till then stop defending them.
    defend things worth defending.

  11. Nice sentimental effort, but the gaming magazines are simply no longer relevant. The only time they're worth reading is when they've gone out of their way to get an exclusive, in which case a website could have done the same job had the mag not paid more, and someone inevitably posts the info online anyway. That's the nature of modern news, exclusivity is now measured in minutes.
    Beyond just replacing magazines though, gaming websites offer much more nowadays: they can show as many screens and videos as they can get their hands on, they have podcasts and video reviews, etc., and it doesn't cost the consumer a cent. The gaming press has never been better for us.