Monday, November 16

In the UK MW2 sells over 1.7 million units in one week

In the UK Modern Warfare 2 shattered all sales records when it sold 1.25 million units on the first day of its release, and now Chart-Track has confirmed that the title has sold over 1.7 million units in the UK in one week. Chart-Track also confirmed that the Xbox 360 lead the way with total sales of over 1 million units.

The title obliterates the previous record of 927,000 held by Grand Theft Auto IV and grossed a substantial £67.4 million in the one week it has been on sale. The game did so well that it made almost double the entire UK entertainment software market the lat week.

It'll will undoubtedly take years for any other game to break the record set by Modern Warfare 2, but there are a few titles in mind that may have the pull to do it. GTA V comes to mind, also another Modern Warfare title is guaranteed to come our way soon and it too will obviously have the potential of breaking its own record.

But it depends of how Modern Warfare 2 was received, all indications points to a positive reception from gamers, however more time is needed to know for sure. Good going Infinity.

11.16.09 Ernice Gilbert

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