Monday, November 16

Rumor Thirst: Modern Warfare 2 character "Ghost" getting his own spin-off title?

According to a report from a UK launch event for Modern Warfare 2, actor Craig Fairbrass revealed that Infinity Ward is in talks about creating spin-off title featuring Sergeant Simon "Ghost" Riley from Modern Warfare 2.

"I did in the last game a voice for a character called Gaz and in this game I'm now voicing a guy called Ghost, who now just got a spin-off comic of his own and they're talking about another little game to go with it," Fairbrass mysteriously said during the launch event.

Was he allowed to say this and what exactly does he mean by "little game"? It is unconfirmed as of now, but will it come in the form of DLC or a full blown game?

11/16/09 Colton West

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