Monday, November 23

Judge calls in sick to play Modern Warfare 2 all day

Here's some news to brighten up your day. A judge named Will, saw it fit to forget about the all important job of convicting villains and called in sick the day after the midnight launch of Modern Warfare 2, so he could get his game on for the entire day; who cares about convicting sinners.

"[It was like] Charlie waiting outside the chocolate factory," Will said.

"As soon as the package was in his hands, he ran home and sat up long into the night machine-gunning his alarming life like enemies," according to The Times. "The following day, tired but happy, he feigned sickness to get out of his commitments despite the chaos that would inevitably cause."

Really intriguing vibes right there. Ah the pull of gaming; a judge forgets about his duty and decides to play 'Call of Duty.' Heh.

11/23/09 Ernice Gilbert

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