Thursday, November 19

Left 4 Dead 2 gets 5/10 from IGN Australia

While the U.S and British websites and magazines gave L4D2 favorable scores from the high 80s to the mid 90s, IGN Australia plastered a rather weak score on the edited version that made it to Australia. 5/10 to be exact; in other words, 'leave this one alone.'

According to IGN AU the game has been compromised by "glitchy-looking edits" and "is a massive step backwards from the original."

The website continued it's disapproval stating "if you can get your hands on an unedited version of this game, revise your score up to the high 80s. If not, sit this one out."

Some rather biting words from the website. Get the full vibe up there.

Thanks VG247.

11/19/09 Ernice Gilbert

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