Thursday, November 19

Rumor Thirst: Call of Duty movie coming to a theater near you?

Kevin Mckidd, the voice actor for Soap McTavish in the Modern Warfare 1 and 2 games has hinted in a recent interview with the New York Post that a Call of Duty film is in the works.

"They were looking for a rough, Scottish actor in Hollywood, they were probably couldn't get Gerard Butler so they got the number 2. Gerard Butler, me. I had no idea it would be so huge, and now there are talks of a feature film," the actor said.

He's not shying away from the hopes that he might receive the role either.

"If the script is good and Gerard isn't available [laughter] then obviously," Kevin said.

Although this remains a rumor, it most probably is true because a few months ago, trademark did some searching around and found that the Call of Duty licence has been reserved for future film use.

If true, I'm guessing we'll have another butchered movie iteration of a game, or we could see a huge blockbuster hitting theaters not too far in the future. Don't hold your breathe for the latter.

11/19/09 Ernice Gilbert

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