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Microsoft has Sony sweating

In recent news, we were told by ironstarmovement that Sony has Microsoft sweating and they couldn't find much to congratulate the software giant for accomplishing. GamesThirst believes that their opinion couldn't be further from the truth; in fact their piece is so far fetched that one must wonder what was going through the author's mind when he wrote the article. In all honesty, it's Microsoft who has Sony sweating tears as they try to keep up with the unexpected rise of the Xbox 360 and all the services offered on the console. And we're not just blowing hot air, we've listed a few of the reasons why Sony's playing second fiddle to the software giant.

1) They follow every move Xbox Live make ~

There's no arguing that Sony's doing all it can to keep up with the juggernaut that's Xbox Live, and it's so blatant not even the most avid PS3 fan could deny it. Almost every feature PSN has, Xbox Live had it first; and there's no end in sight.

2) Live Get's Facebook and Twitter,

Sony follows and soon will add Facebook and Twitter. The Xbox Live community has been enjoying cross-game-chat for years now, and what do you know? Sony will soon implement the ability via a firmware update.

3) Microsoft is the only reason PS3 owners have a cheaper and slimmer console so early this generation;

and it's because the Xbox 360 was giving the PS3 a good whipping week after week, month after month and year after year at retail all over the world. Truth be told, it's only this past September the hardware giant got its grove back. And I believe Sony would have kept the price of the PS3 at $399 for much longer if sales of their flagship console were not being choked by the Xbox 360.

4) Everyone who keeps a close eye on the gaming industry knows that Microsoft has outdone Sony by miles in the advertising deparment,

but guess who's doing a better job these days? Sony. "It only does everything," is the theme of their new ad campaign and without a doubt, it's the best I've seen in years; hec it's the best of seen ever, and that's saying a lot. Once again PS3 owners can thank Microsoft for keeping the pressure on Sony, in fact I'm beginning to wonder should I have given this article another title, more specifically: "PS3 owners should thank Microsoft for their many blessing." Because the more I think of it, the clearer it becomes that the very same fanboys who bash Microsoft unforgivingly are the very same ones who should be thanking the company. Think about it.

5) Sony pumps out exclusive after exclusive to keep their base happy because Microsoft keeps stealing all the third party games which once called the Playstation home,

which is yet another reason for PS3 owners to be grateful. There's no doubt in my mind that Sony has outdone Microsoft when it comes to exclusive games, and they had to; for most of this generation, the Xbox 360 had been cheaper than the PS3 and almost all the games that were available on Sony's black box could also be found on Microsoft's system. Sony had to answer, and answer they did and the results produced massive hits like Uncharted 1&2, inFamous, Resistance 1&2 just to name a few.

To conclude, I would like to note that I'm neither a PS3 nor Xbox 360 fanboy. By now judging from the news and articles we bring, you should know we cater to all gamers. Search through the site for yourself and you'll find what I'm saying is all true. But the recent article that claimed Sony has Microsoft sweating is just far off cue, hence our reply.

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11.17.09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. This is actually informative, compared to what the guys at the other website had.

    This was a good read!

  2. not to sour the parade, but i believe their ps3's had facebook since they have had a built in browser since launch with a facebook specific channel on it; the 360 has had everything first, but they don't pay anything for it, and doesn't the ps3 still play multiplatform titles also?

    just saying... flame bait thread is flame bait

  3. yes i agree great article

  4. You did not just put opinion as a reason...

    "Everyone who keeps a close eye on the gaming industry knows that Microsoft has outdone Sony by miles in the advertising deparment,"

    facepalm/ yes.... yes you did. You made an article! You're a journalist now!


  5. I dont own either console, but seriously, xbox was out a year before the ps3, think about all that for a sec. Now, imagine I want to sell you a car, one car is 10 grand, the other car is 30 grand, which car do you think will sell faster ? Alot more people have 300 to spend, as opposed to 600 dollars. Next point, Live is 7 years old, PSN is 3 years old and has all the same features or near the same features in half the time. See how I said it makes it sound good, the way you said it makes it sound bad, Words can be twisted to however the author wants, I personally just want facts with an unbiased opinion, you think you delivered ?

  6. No offense, but I think Sony has the bigger advantage. In terms of commercial, I guess you're points are good, but I didn't see anything about "quality" of the Xbox 360 is your argument. It was all about stealing third-party titles, advertising, social networking (PSN has an internet browser!). And what is so bad about Sony pumping out exclusives? You've got that seriously wrong, Sony is pumping out so many exclusives that Microsoft is beginning to worry, and that's why they're stealing third-party games, not the other way around!

    But to be honest, I don't think any company is sweating that much. If anything though, Microsoft would be sweating a lot more than Sony, it's why they keep taking third-party games.

  7. Seriously, spare yourself from the agony of purchasing extra costly peripherals, like the nrouter that costs a ton, lack of blu ray support, and all the varied exclusives that playstation 3 have currently. And oh did i mentioned about the RROD that have been plaging the xbox 360. Please buy smart, and think about the trouble you have to go through 1 to 2 years down the road. Is gears of war, and Halo the only things you guys think of? Maybe L4D and Fables, but hey, you decide.

  8. Sony has done everything ms has? What about natal copying the ps eye? Whatabout lips copying singstar? What about ms adding a blu-ray drive to the 360 when they themselves said before that it wasn't needed? What about ms making a home like avatar space? Both companies have copied each other before. They BOTH owe each other for being successful. Stop this fanboy bickering. You guys call yourselves journalists.What a shame.

  9. Hmmm... think I'll bookmark this blog and revisit it after Xmas and then after March 2010 - two key periods in the battle. It's not whether the PS3 will take Xmas or not, it's by how much. March 2010 is also important because of 2 key titles releasing that month for the PS3. Anyway, I'll be back to throw this "article" in your face.

  10. so why is xbox copying playstation home with avatar spaces, and playstation has stole just as many exclusives from them.i just care about games and to me the quality of playstation exclusives have passed xbox, in my opinion. even though they came out a year before.im not saying there aren't any good games for xbox.i had one but it broke and since it wasn't RROD microsoft wouldn't fix it,even though it wasn't even six months old.in my opinion playstation is of higher quality,hardware and software.

  11. you know what xbox live will have that playstation network will never have? a fee to use it

  12. Whoa Sony defense force out in full throttle here...

    Why are you guys so angry. The author clearly states that he's not biased. Isn't this the same blog that had the hot article on N4G about Microsoft lying about their European numbers?

    Does that sound like a fanboy to you?

    Here's the link: http://gamesthirstarticles.blogspot.com/2009/11/evidence-shows-microsoft-not-truthful.html#comments

    I personally love this site. Come here all the time for unbiased news.....Grow up and get a life FANBOYS!

  13. Hmmm...I prefer games, big exclusive games=)

  14. 1) If live features were worth the 60 bones for you thats fine, not always the case, those features don't appeal to everyone and aren't worth the $$$.

    2)360 had to drop the price in '08 b/c they were getting wooped!. and they are once again in '09

    3) I agree with you here. But then 360 owners should thank the ps2 aswell, for teaching microsoft how to compete in this business.

    4) Its not a matter of sony losing exclusives to microsoft. If all the third party games worked, and could SELL on nintendo, we would have a completely different story here.

  15. Great article. I think all of what you said is true. Sony is lucky Microsoft came up with such an amazing Xbox Live, else their PSN would be still be in the prehistoric stage. I also think Sony has been pumping out amazing new IPs that Microsoft hasn't been able to top. Competition is for the better of the customer. Without it, we would be paying high prices for consoles, consoles that would not have the features derived from competition.

  16. Quality games is what I look for. And that is something taht Microsoft suck cock in. Sad, but true.

  17. Bullshit article is bullshit. :)

    Sony has Microsoft sweating. I believe it's the other way around. :)

  18. More like Microsoft is pushing Sony to be better, not sweating

  19. saying the ps3 doesn't have facebook or twitter is like saying your PC doesn't have them...

    haha, the xbox doesn't even have a web browser...

    i'd pay $50 a year for that: EPIC FAIL!

  20. QUOTE
    "I personally love this site. Come here all the time for unbiased news.....Grow up and get a life FANBOYS!"

    Pot calling tea kettle black.

  21. Really nice article. Good read, instead of *that* dumb-assed article that wasted 3 mins of my life that i'll never get back.

  22. I don't mean to comment on the obvious flame bait article here (didn't read much, only skimmed through it), but I don't think that's the case here.

    Really what has Sony sweating is the popularity of Facebook, and the internet itself.

    The Facebook feature in XBox Live though it allows you to link your Facebook account to your Live account it in no way accounts for being an XBox Live feature, it relies on Facebook Connect which is a product of Facebook and could've been added into games before this update without any help from Microsoft or Facebook.

    The thing is Netflix, Twitter, Last.Fm and Facebook aren't really features of XBox Live, they don't make it what it is.

    All Sony did today was add Facebook Connect to PSN accounts and mention that Facebook and Twitter could be used from the PS3 web browser (since mainstream audiences will think that the 360 has an edge here by having Facebook, Twitter and Last.Fm).

    I'm just trying to state that it's all business strategy, not a fear of falling out.

    And since I know I'm going to get rained on by people who'll probably say I'm a Sony fanboy or what have you, I actually prefer the internet for games and I think that's where everything will be headed very soon.

  23. look at all those losers. haha browser on a console is for losers. only losers would want that in their console. i'd use my pc if i want to use the browser

  24. All this really shows is why they had them sweating. Sony is right now bringing the thunder, and its only gonna get worse for Microsft (Nearest dead period I can see for major Ps3 exclusive releases? 2011. Seriously, look at the release schedule). Sony are taking great pains right now to remind everyone why they dominated the last two generations, and I doubt they're gonna let up soon.

    Microsft may have had an upper hand before, but now they pretty much screwed. And when Mass Effect 2 goes multiplat (seriously, its been blatant for weeks).....

  25. stop hating on each other and taking sider s in a fictional console war. what's it about Graphics? yay whoop de- doo. or exclusives? yay again, neither M$ nor sony give a shit about any of you so stop defending them with your lives and just "live and let live"

  26. "Low pitch snarling growl"
    Whats that sound dad?
    Why that'd be the sound of an angry fanboy son...
    You ever hear that noise, you turn'n'run as quick as you can... And don't ever look back!

  27. still, both are fighting for second place behind the wii :D

  28. what was the reason for the PS2 slim then if the 360 is the reason of the PS3 slim?

    Sony keeps coming up with new and great IPs at a rate of 2 or 3 per year while MS keeps stealing old and tired games like devil may cry and tekken that no one cares about anymore because they don't respect their costumers, and try to feed them endless Halo spinoffs

    and most importantly PS3 HAS ALWAYS OUTSOLD 360, PS3 just completed its third year on the market and sol 27 million, when 360 completed its year (one year ago) had sold 25 million

    360 is dead last on Europe and Japan, and third worldwide

    do some research before talking about things you don't know

  29. i've owned the PS3 since launch and just recently purchased the MW2 limited 360. and i can honestly tell you the 360 is really an inferior console compared to the PS3 after spending years of using the PS3 alone. no bias whatsoever. i'm so disappointed with several things:
    1) no rechargeable battery pack? d-pad sucks too
    2) no wifi, i had to freaking go buy a long ass cable which run stupidly across my room, nice fail MS
    3) that thing is loud, shit, i put my PS3 in my room for years and i that junk 360 is making alot of noises when i started it that i thought it's defective from factory
    4) then when i turned it on, it's like "join XBOX LiVE" "join Xbox LIVE" everywhere on the screen, so f*cking annoying.

    and i've experienced none of those Sh!t with the PS3!!

  30. The PS3 is only cheaper because of microsoft!
    The PS3 is slimmer because of Microsoft!
    WTF? why?

    this article wasnt worth the read -_-

  31. haha can't believe that person thinks PSN is new

    it's been around since PS2 what do you think allowed you to play online??

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  33. You guys are so ridiculous here. The author actually makes some good points.

    I swear Sony fanboys are the worst.

  34. Just wow....the most biased, uninformative crap I've read in a very long time.


    hence 100 $$$ rebates, hence price of elite 299.99 with games......hence advertising budgets doubled in the last few weeks.

    there shitting it, as sony is gaining ground, and its a 1 way battle at the moment.. sony for victory.

    eversinse the pricedrop rumors in september, and the release of batman,

    sony has even outsold on multiplat games such as FIFA, BATMAN, NEED FOR SPEED, PES, TEKKEN 6,

    now all these brands have been heavily associated with ps2, id say the tides turning now as multiplt games have sold betetr on 360 since the start of this gen. microsoft are now i their lowest ebb, and they dont look like theve got any fight left in them.

    sony have been burbaling away under the redar for months now,, just waiting....waiting for god of war engine to be finalised.

    kilzone engine is currently being recycled.

    naughy dogs uncharted 2 engine..mmmmmmm

    whats ms got, that ne halo engine...mmmm dodgeeyyyy....

  36. have you even herd a shat'box running..as someone so politely put...ITS LOUDDDD, THERES NOW WAY T WATCH A FILM, ON THT THING. its ridiculous, its louder than a pc...louder than a ps2/original ex-box, only my mums braun 5000 watt hair dryer...is louder......just

  37. Wow at all the sony fanboys. I wanna first say that i'm not a fanboy of any console. I had a 360 because of my friends. Anyways, I just bought a ps3 after getting an rrod a year ago and now getting banned from live(free games WOOT!!!!)

    Sony does copy M$, but you guys have to stop complaining about it. It has gotten you a cheaper console and more online features for free unlike live.

    I'm tired of M$ nickel and diming us for things like wifi and they don't allow 3rd party peripherals anymore. I have a worthless 2gb Datel memory card that I bought for $20. That costs exactly the same as Microsoft's 64 mb card. Quite a difference.

    I will eventually buy another 360, but for now I will enjoy my ps3 that has so much more features. Hopefully sony doesn't turn into microsoft if they start dominating sales. I also hope microsoft will come up with more ideas for sony to steal so I can have the same features for a cheaper price.

    Also, if the ps3 is ever hacked and blu-ray discs and burners become cheaper the ps3 will easily get more sales. Free games is a great console seller and you can't deny it.

  38. Maybe research first...
    1 and 2 are both the same thing (PSN copies Live); also, one system is much older than the other; also Microsoft paid for exclusive rights to Facebook/Twitter/Netflix (which I'm sure if Sony did would be a useless feature featured in multiple articles like this claiming how much Sony has lost touch with the gamer)

    PS3 slim is only one year ahead of the schedule that PS2 slim had...and PS2 dominated the market. So there's that.

    Sony has finally listened to critics and got rid of their confusing ad campaigns and replaced it with pure genius. Microsoft's early 'Jump In' ads didn't advertise anything. I don't see how this compares at all.

    Lastly, Sony doesn't have to pay for exclusive (or cross platform) games to bolster it's console because it has such an amazing first and second party offering; talk to me when Insomniac (rumoured to be working on a multi-platform game) officially goes third-party and then we'll talk (because you cannot convince me that any Sony exclusive anything crossed the fence as most franchises that will come to your mind will be company IP's that only gained notariety on Sony's earlier consoles...it's no more valid than me talking about Bioshock or Mass Effect as if it were Gears of War or Halo.

  39. This article is so full of fail its a shame.

    the other sites blog stated that Sony "has" Microsoft sweating.

    "has" is present tense.

    you present a lot of reasons microsoft "Had" sony sweating.

    "had" is past tense

    presently. the ps3 "has" a competative price point (which most deem it a better value over the competition)
    the ps3 "has" a better line up than the competition
    and the ps3 is neck and neck with the 360 as far as online goes. (this is debateable)

    Microsoft "had" better sales of games and systems..."had"

    who is presently sweating?

  40. The only reason Sony are sweating is because they're tired/bored of running laps around the Breakbox in the sales department.

    It's funny you should mention exclusives as your no.5 reason. What would you rather have - a company who pumps out exclusive after exclusive to keep their fan base happy (PS3) or a company who don't have a SINGLE exclusive game available for the console and relies solely on multiplatform titles that offer free and better online on their competitor's machine (360)??? That seems like a reason for the 360 to be sweating, IMO. You basically just said exclusives are a sign of a consoles shortcomings.......LOL, what kind of a dumbass wrote this?

    It's only because of the lack of 360 exclusives that idiotic fanboys like you had the time to write this pile of garbage article. If only you had the common sense to buy a console that had some games available for it..............all this could've been avoided.

  41. I had my doubts about this article, especially after reading the article that this is in answer to. Though as I read on, what you say makes sense. It is a perfect example of how we need competition in order to keep our favorite past time full of quality and enrichening entertainment. I think we as gamers forget how good we sometimes have it. Fanboys can argue all they want, I own and will continue to own all available consoles to get the most fun I can!

  42. number 1 and 2 are basically the same thing. let's get it striaght too. both companies are sweating from each other. you can say xbox 360 was the reason for the price drop of ps3 but after the ps3 price drop, xbox drops their price and so on and so on. it's a back and forth battle.

  43. I find it funny that a lot of people who previously bashed the PS3 for offering so much outside of games are now praising the 360 for offering everything but games. This biased nature for expressing opinions on consoles really needs to be cleaned up or just dumbed back down to "I like mine better than yours". Face it, you either like PS3, or you like Xbox, or you bought a Wii and feel abysmally shamed for it now.

  44. LOL @ Xbox Live had it first it's only natural as any educated gamer would know live just turned 7 years old wile psn is only 3 today and have done more than 3/4 of what live have to offer for free

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. "You guys are so ridiculous here. The author actually makes some good points.

    I swear Sony fanboys are the worst."

    LOL if Sony fanboys are the worst, then what would you describe Microsoft fanboys as? Satan's army?

    Anyway, the 360 is only so-called "epic" in America but it doesn't matter when you look around the world. Like said before, it's dead last in Europe and Japan.

    Microsoft hasn't offered me much of anything that I really enjoy, they can steal all the 3rd party games as you like to say, but the PS3 exclusive line-up satisfies my thirst all the time. L4D and Halo bore me now =/ but at least Fable 2 was good I at least still play it every now and then, but oh well maybe Alan Wake will be good but I'll still take Heavy Rain, God Of War 3, and Gran Turismo 5 before that.

    Not dissing anything but just stating my opinion of gaming, Sony offers what I like and Microsoft *shurg* not so much as I'd like.

  47. I find this hilarious! I just got off of facebook and im still on my PS3 right now making this comment.OK 1. U R a 360 fanboy 2. Sony tries time and time again to either improve their products by making it budget friendly or make it so it is at a draw with its competition (hence the 100 buck price drop around the launch of the PS3 Slim) 3. A REAL journalist doesn't hack on one side of the spectrum (pun intended), they further investigate to show the silver lining in both sides or deliver a plausible reason or logical theory as to why they did that. 4. At least its FREE for the PS3, and following the crowd was human nature since day 1. So don't flame me or sony because it will just happen again somewhere else ( ex. the iphone then the blackberry did and your not bitching are you) 5. The way this article was written will further add fuel to flaming wars and really just look at your self. Complaining on someone elses work, at least they ( and me ) try at life. Enough said.

  48. Haha, it's fun to laugh at idiots who think they can write an article like this author.

  49. exactly what happened to originality in this industry?
    not only sony but M$ are copying everyone too.
    wii adds motion controlls so M$ and $ony follow suit.
    M$ adds netflix so $ony follows suit.
    M$ adds facebook so $ony follows suit.
    M$ adds twitter so $ony follows suit.
    just because one company does something does not mean you have to follow them, jesus ^%%$$##ng CHRIST!
    sony needs to organize themselves and get rid of this exclusive to US BS. thats really starting to piss me off!
    than they need to get more ps1 games up on the psn store, and sort out the regional release dates.
    M$ needs to get their act together and release some proper high quality games.
    they have not released 1 game i liked this year, not 1.
    07 had crackdown 08 had gears of war 2 my favorite game this gen.
    this year?
    thats why i sold my 360 yesterday and got a psp because well theres nothing i want on the 360.
    the only games i want SP conviction is on PC, mass effect is on PC.
    the only game i want thats not on pc is crackdown 2 and thats not going to be out for probably another 6 months minimum.
    ive got a feeling infamous 2 and crackdown 2 will duke it out.