Monday, November 16

Rumor Thirst: inFamous 2 to feature online multipayer

One of the few complaints about Sucker Punch's open world super hero game was that it offered no online multiplayer, and although it may never happen for the original inFamous, part 2 might be a different story altogether.

According to a job listing on Gamasutra, inFamous developer Sucker Punch are looking for a network programmer for online capability.

Many have already concluded that said programmer must be for work on inFamous 2, because of the signals indirectly given by the studio. They have already auditioned an actor to be the lead role of what else? inFamous 2 of course.

That link you just click on was a twitter page with the info concerning the audition that the actor foolishly spilled. It has been killed. Why don't devs understand when they do such things it only adds more credence to the story?

11/16/09 Ernice Gilbert

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