Monday, November 9

Modern Warfare 2 launch damaged by barrage of leaks

Almost every single videogames website small and big have had some leaked footage of the impending blockbuster title Modern Warfare 2. It all began with video footage shown at a private event, and then went downhill when the controversial footage that shows civilians being killed was, according to Activision, "illegally released."

The company went in damage control mode making the rounds on gaming websites, big news publications like The New York Times, USA Today amongst others. But that's not all, because now retailers from around the world, including UK retailer GAME, have broken the street date of the game. This makes for a very distasteful launch for Activision and looks very bad on their PR department.

Now the biggest game retailer, Gamestop has decided to go ahead and break the street date in some locations to protect their customer base because some retailers in the same area have broken it, a decision I totally agree with. Will the lousy handling of said situation by Acitvision hurt sales of the game? On the contrary it only adds to the hype, hence making it even more attractive. However, such terrible handling of a game that is hailed to be the biggest entertainment launch of all time, is also having the biggest leak problem of all time, and paints Activision as an incompetent Publisher.

I guess to win some you must lose some right? Buy the game tomorrow, if haven't already.

11/09/09 Ernice Gilbert

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