Monday, November 9

Rumor Thirst: Killzone 3 confirmed for 2011, could come in 2010

Let's be serious, most of the rumors that have made the rounds in the gaming world at some point tend to come to pass. Some examples: PS3 Slim rumor confirmed, PSPgo Rumor confirmed, 250GB Xbox 360 confirmed, the fazing out of Xbox 360 pro model confirmed. We could go on and on and eventually come to the conclusion that most the talk is not just hot air. Well let's hope this Killzone 3 rumor is no different from the aforementioned.

According to, Guerrilla Games has confirmed Killzone 3 on a Dutch TV show. The Animation director Jan-Bart Van Beek was on the TV show and let slip that Killzone 3 is in existence and that although the game could be released in 2010, the planned date is 2011.

We reported last month that Killzone 3 was one of the secret games of 2010 according to Playstation: The Official Magazine, it seems our report was accurate.

Don't hold your breath though, wait for an official announcement instead.

11/09/09 Ernice Gilbert

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