Monday, November 9

Smooth Criminal invades your Wii

For a bit more retro news, it is being reported that Michael Jackson's Moonwalker is hitting the Wii virtual console this week. If you're old enough to remeber the Genesis then you'll probably remember the whole Smooth Criminal tie in and either loved it or hated it.

Seems like Nintendo and Sega have timed the release to take advantage of Mr. Jacksons recent passing. Like Tupac and Elvis before him, Michael looks set to make more money in death than he did in the last 10yrs.

As for the game, I look forward to revisit the Genesis days of MoonWalker. Although not one of the best games ever released on that console, it surely was not one of the worst. Despite several reviews stating that it sucked, let me tell you it was far better than 90% of the other movie tie in games of the era and if the price is right, it's definately worth a re-visit. Check it out soon on the Virtual Console to get your fill of all the 2D hat throwing and crotch grabing action.

Oh and lets not forget Bubbles the Chimp.

Get the full thing at Nintendolife

11/09/2009 David Allison

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