Saturday, November 7

Opinion: This is how Resident Evil Portable should be

At E3 2009 this year, Capcom announced that they were developing a Resident Evil title exclusively for Sony's Playstation Portable. I think that this could go very well or horribly bad and I know my opinion will not influence anything as I am just one voice among millions, but here's what I would like to see in the new game.

Bring the old static camera angles back because quite frankly, an over the shoulder view will look terrible in my eyes, especially on the PSP and it will control horribly awkward as well. Not being able to see most of your surroundings was what made the original games as scary as they were.

Pre-rendered backgrounds, though dated, can put a game's graphical look on the PSP on par with the Gamecube's Resident Evil titles. This can only be achieved if they decide to go with a fixed camera angle again but it would look very smooth and allow for much more realistic environments.

Leave the reboot of the franchise to the bigger consoles and bring all the characters from the series together for one last outing. Resident Evil 5 did have Chris, Wesker, and Jill but she was only in it for a few minutes. Are you kidding me? She is one of the series' most well known characters. How awesome would it be to have a story involving Jill, Chris, Claire, Leon, Carlos, Ada, Rebecca, Billy, and a grown up Sherry all working together and facing the situation as one?

Give each character their own scenarios, openings, and cutscenes. Being able to play from the perspective of all the characters would basically mean that we had more then one game to play through.

Go back to a large city similar to Raccoon City. I loved Resident Evil 4 and 5 but I didn't like how they took place in such bland environments with almost every sight being some kind of warehouse, forest, or cave. Also, show us what is happening all around the city as everyone else struggles to survive just as we are. Fill the town with the screams of people being attacked, random explosions, car wrecks everywhere and just show us the chaos that is taking over the city in real time.

Bring back local or online multiplayer but make it better then Resident Evil: Outbreak's online functions which were terrible. Allow simple item swapping and if a player becomes infected and dies, allow us to control a zombie form of them until we are killed or better yet, mutate the dead player and give the living players something else to contend with.

Make sure to incorporate multiple endings, plenty of unlockables, and A.I. that acts at random to give the game a ton of replay value. Resident Evil 5 and the 'Outbreak' spin-offs did this and it was because of that added content that kept me playing past the credit scroll.

There is a lot more I'd like to see in this newest title and I could ramble on for days about it, but I figured I would just share my thoughts on the matter and hope that fellow fans of the old school series share the same opinion.

This is how I would create my dream Resident Evil title and I know fans of the series who only got into it because of Resident Evil 4 will not agree due to that game and the fifth one being so radically different, but consider that I was raised in the 90's so I grew up with the originals. As a matter of fact, I still go back to play the old ones more then I do the new ones just because they are much better in my eyes.


  1. Nice right up, seems you've been a lon time fan of the series?

    Great Job

  2. Yes, been a huge fan ever since the original on the Playstation