Thursday, November 5

PS3 was saved by the Wii, according to analyst

Okay, it's perceived that the PS3 wasn't obliterated by the Xbox 360 because of the exclusive blockbuster titles, Blu-ray, PSN which is now on par with Live, what else? It's now $299 (could not forget this one). Nope, the predictors were all wrong according DFC Intelligence, they said it's because of the Wii.

"The main danger that Sony faced is that the Xbox 360 would become embedded as the system of choice," according to a new report from the agency.

"Instead consumers flocked to the Nintendo Wii. The Xbox 360 had solid sales, but they have not been enough to give Microsoft any where near a break out market position."

If the decline of Wii sales continue through the holidays, the PS3 will become the main attraction because of its new price point and the imminence of God of War III, the report adds.

So Sony you're on top now. Maintain it.

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11/05/09 Ernice Gilbert

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