Friday, November 20

PSP Internet contact: adhocParty app arrives

Sony has released an app that lets people play ad-hoc based multiplayer games online. You can now play Monster Hunter with anyone across the internet. The plan seems new, but Japan has had it for a long time, and it seems kind of obvious in hindsight. The app is available in the PSP store for free.

The system has a bunch of tutorial steps, making you jump through the hoops, and set up everything, but only after you register your PSP and download it. SCE is currently making a big fuss about Monster Hunter and Gran Turismo, and it’s a good idea that they do. They were the games that needed it most, and now that we have it, I am ecstatic beyond all bounds! Now if you will excuse me, I have some people to beat, and some monsters to slay. If you see a guy with no armour and a gigantic sword, don’t ignore him, befriend him!

11/20/09 Allen Stewart

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