Friday, November 20

Return to Ostagar announced as DLC for Dragon Age: Origins

Recently, Bioware announced yet another update for downloadable content in the same month Dragon Age: Origins was released. That’s a little ridiculous in my mind, but whatever. The newest update lets the player return to the site of Grey Wardens Darkest Hour, Ostagar. The first of two DLC, Stone Prisoner, granted access to the Golems Shale, and the second, entitled Wardens Keep, allowed access to a new area of the game. The newest DLC is 400 points on the Xbox, 400 Bioware points on the PC, and 5$ on PS3.

My only question on this is why they need to release these in the same month as the release of the full game? The story is deep and fulfilling, the characters are engaging, and the battles are fun and challenging, so why do they need this right away? I understand they are trying to milk this for everything its worth, but please, couldn’t you have held out for another month, and added this into the game's main disk?

11/20/09 Allen Stewart

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