Monday, November 2

Review copies of Alan Wake may not contain an ending

The developers of the highly anticipated Alan Wake are being very secretive about the game's story. They are worried about potential spoiler leaks so much that they are in discussions with Microsoft on whether to leave the ending off the discs that are sent to reviewers prior to the game's release.

"I think we're going to be insanely careful about how much of the story we reveal," said Remedy Entertainment managing director Matias Myllyrinne. "We'll clearly discuss with some of our friends at Microsoft whether we even give the ending of the game for anybody's preview. I'd like to hold it back, [I] don't want anybody to spoil it for the audience. That's just my personal feeling."

It's understandable that they would go to such great lengths to hide the story considering how often spoilers erupt onto the net before a title is released. We can clearly see this as fact considering what has already been released for Modern Warfare 2.

11/02/09 Colton West

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