Friday, November 6

Rumor Thirst: Halo Reach screens leaked

It's either are slip up, or just marketing strategy, we tend to think the latter. The screens are blurry, and look just like Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST and yeah, all the Halo games.

Do you think they are real? It's ok, you won't get marginalized for thinking so at all. This is not bigfoot you know; more details are available via Neo Gaf's user "Dani" including a squad-based combat dynamic, cloaking, hologram and sprinting.

Also, it seems according to the info that elite strike is over, so you know the bums are back on the streets and apparently the covenant's packing a new Needler-like weapon.

Microsoft has taken the usual route " we don't comment on rumors and speculation." Sounds like a Sony line to me.

The game will be out next year.

11/06/09 Ernice Gilbert

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