Monday, November 9

Top 10 Xbox 360 exclusives PS3 owners plead for

Sony has kept PS3 owners happy this year with some great exclusives, but don't think for a moment that PS3 loyalists are not harboring some jealousy over the great Xbox 360 exclusives that are available and coming soon. Some are secretly hoping, longing, pleading for said games. I could hear them now: "God please, please convince EA and Bioware to release Mass Effect 2 on the PS3."

Here are nine more:

The Halo Franchise ~

Halo is the single biggest game on the Xbox 360 period. Without it, we can safely say there wouldn't be a Xbox 360. The franchise has gone on to sell well over 25 million copies worldwide and is viewed by some as the game that took FPS to the next level, introducing new features and functionality into the genre. PS3 fans may scream and yell how Halo is overrated, but you'll sometimes catch them at their friends house playing, you guessed it, Halo of course. Look out for the latest game in the Halo universe titled Halo Reach coming 2010.

The Gears of War Franchise ~

Another big game which can only be played on the Xbox 360, so big that games up till this day copy some of its features, example horde mode. Epic's Epic title has sold a whopping 35 million copies in combined sales, and those numbers stand as a testament to the force Gears of War is. This is one PS3 owners will admit to openly; they want this game.

The Forza Series ~

Yes, PS3 owners have Gran Turismo and obviously they think Forza is no competition compared to he venerable racing sim, but that's not to say they would mind having Forza come to the PS3, in fact some see the title as a true contender, and would love to give it a test drive, albeit on their black box. The latest game in the series is out now and according to reviews, it's a revolutionary racing simulator.

Splinter Cell Conviction ~

PS3 owners a very familiar with the Splinter Cell franchise, after all, many of the titles have been on the PS2 and one on the PS3, so when news broke that Conviction would only see the light of day on the Xbox 360 games console, an uproar arose in the PS3 gaming community. Folks were cussing at Microsoft, others were calling Ubisoft "money lovers" and other degrading names. Things have cooled down a lot now, but PS3 owners would still love this game on their system.

Get it early next year exclusively for the Xbox 360.

The Left 4 Dead Franchise ~

I know, PS3 owners can't stand Gabe Newell, that's not to say they don't want the game on their console of choice. Although very controversial, the title has a cult following that keeps tab on all things Left 4 Dead.

The Fable Franchise ~

Hands down Fable is one of the many must haves if you're Xbox 360 owner, and with the new installment getting Natal support, the possibilities are endless. A game PS3 owners wouldn't mind calling there's also.

Alan Wake ~

Five years in development, and what has been shown thus far is simply impressive. Gamers won't have to wait much longer since it'll finally grace the Xbox 360 next year. A title many have been paying very close attention to, and going by what we know, the final product should be stellar. A game, PS3 owners would love to have for sure.

Crackdown 2 ~

This open world action game has been the answer to many Xbox 360 fans prayers. The title is being developed by Ruffian Games, a studio comprised of many former Realtime Worlds staffers who worked on the first. Look for it in 2010.

Shadow Complex ~

It's only available on XBLA, a title from Epic Games, the studio behind the Gears of War franchise. Powered by the Unreal Engine 3, Shadow complex is a must play game for anyone who loves the reward-based exploration and side-scrolling action. Get it now.

No one is preventing you from praying, (I'm talking to PS3 owners now), in essence it's great to pray. And God will help you with everything you ask, relying on the stance that what you ask is for your betterment. So he'll help you when you go through pain, He'll help you when there's no one you can turn to, when there are things you need to share, God is always there, just call on him.

But there are things that are just too trivial, things that don't hinder our progress even if we don't receive them. So although God will help you with all of the aforementioned needs, I don't think He'll answer your prayer of pleading for Xbox 360 exclusives to come to your console of choice; you'll have to start a petition for that.

11/09/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. For these games I will never plead. lol.

  2. sorry but no all i want is mass effect.

  3. Ok PS3 fanboys, what exclusives would you suggest for 360 owners. But keep in mind that you have to find 10 of them.