Monday, November 9

Final Fantasy XIII release date coming on Friday?

There was a challenge on the Official Final Fantasy website for the courageous and fearless fans of the long running franchise to solve, and guess what? They solved it to our benefit.

"Solve this anagram to find out what lies ahead. Check back on Monday for the answer!" The website read.

Not too long after, members of the forums came together and solved Suare-Enix's puzzle. See what can be accomplished when folks come together as one? Lesson to world leaders: Gamers do have answers, right? (Just kidding).

What was that secret code you ask? "Announcement on November 13th."

There's only one major announcement yet to be made from Square-Enix concerning Final Fantasy, and it's the western release date of the game. Hopefully it will happen on Friday.

11/09/09 Ernice Gilbert

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