Monday, November 30

Ubisoft working on 10 Project Natal titles, 4-5 PS Wand games

There will be no lack of games for Project Natal and Sony's "Wand" controller at launch, at least not from Ubisoft. That's what the company said in their first half of 09/10 results call.

Ten Project Natal games and Five for Sony's Wand. The announcement was made by Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot. He said that over 70 percent of the titles for both motion devices are new IPs. The games for Natal will be released six months ofter it's release.

Next year will be an interesting one. It'll be a sight to see how these motion controllers are received by gamers. I for one don't care too much about jumping up and down all over my house trying to play a game; so the only way I'll be getting the device is if Microsoft and Sony send them to GamesThirst. Other than that, I'll watch from the sidelines.

11/30/09 Ernice Gilbert

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