Monday, November 30

Video Thirst : Throwback Gaming : E.V.O. - Search For Eden (SNES)

The adventure of a lifetime begins at the beginning of time itself!

Throwback Gaming episode No. 7: E.V.O. - Search For Eden (SNES)


  1. It is great to know I am not the only one that liked E.V.O. I so agree about this game needs a seqiel or remake. I would say as for a game to try Dinosaurs for Hire. I can't remember if it is good or not. Another one would be an old Sqaure-Soft game called Vagrant Story. That also is a game that needs a new game.

    Beyond Oasis is another game to try. NBA Jam, Jurassic park for the Sega Genesis, the Lost Vikings, Strider, Streets of Rage The Terminator & Landstalker.

    Any of these Genesis games should be fun.

  2. We'll keep those in mind for future episodes for sure, thank you for the suggestions and I'm glad you enjoyed the video. Great to see another E.V.O fan!

  3. Nice Throwback, never played the game so... But I did enjoy the show.... Keep it up.

  4. Thanks, the show is still starting out and we're working out the kinks as well as gaining experience. It will get better with time.