Sunday, December 20

4 Games You'll Miss But Should Play In 2009

With heavy hitters like Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed II out, gamers will undoubtedly miss out on some titles in 2009, not because they were bad titles, on the contrary they were great, but there's so much cash one has to spend on video games, and gamers already know beforehand the titles they'll purchase, and that's even before they see any reviews.

These 4 games were given good reviews, but you haven't played them, maybe you should do yourself a further and at least rent one:

Borderlands -

Developed by Gearbox and published by Rockstar, the game was thought to be the sleeper hit of 2009 and indeed it has been a resounding success. A role-playing shooter, Borderlands takes the best gameplay aspects of RPGs and unite them with excellent controls. In your arsenal, there's everything you'll need and more, making it certain that your greater foes will be destroyed. Occasionally, the game requires grind, something some gamers might get frustrated with. But when said grind includes disseminating your enemy with endless ammo, I see no reason to complain.

Still, your interaction in Borderlands with characters in the game's world is bland and shallow, dreadfully reminding of generic FPS titles. However, despite the little kinks the game is great if you like both RPG and FPS games. Don't miss out on it.

Dragon Age: Origins -

PC gamers adored Bioware for the work they did on series like Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate. Those were story-driven, tactical games with an emphasis on party mechanics. Dragon Age: Origins proves that Bioware isn't ready to give up their crown anytime soon.

This title cleverly combines the genre's olds-school styles with some modern flare and in my opinion has created one of the most involving and addictive RPGs to date. It's that simple. Before the year's out, you should play this game and come to find out what the fuss is all about.

Killzone 2 -

There's no need to even elaborate on this title, as it is hailed now as the best FPS on PS3. But many won't play the game; don't ask me why, I thought and still think it's one of the best shooters of all time.

Guerrilla Games outdid themselves, bringing to the table one of the most outstanding, graphically stunning, gritty and grabbing FPS titles to date, and only two million folks globally, out of 27 million have experienced it? Gamers can and should do better than that.

inFamous -

You are Cole, a coming of age superhero that must make decisions, everyone of them with consequences. You're overpowered, and so are a lot of your enemies and whether you decide to save the world or bring it to its knees, that's your prerogative.

The game only recently passed the one million sold mark, a shame; being that it's such an awesome title. Don't let 2010 come without you put your hands on this one. inFamous was developed by Sucker Punch and published by Sony.

And there you haven it, many more games you'll never get a chance to play, just make sure those listed here are not among them.

Let us know the ones you plan on getting in the comments below.

12/20/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Hec, I've only played Killzone and inFamous. I'm looking forward to Dragons Age: Origins, don't really care for Borderlands...

  2. "Your are Coal, you're a coming of age superhero", no, Cole, Cole MacGrath, please, come on...

    That being said, KZ2 and inF are really great titles on PS3.

  3. Considering that two of these games are now platinum on the PS3, another has sold I think 2M since launch in October (Borderlands) and Dragon Age: Origins has received strong sales by RPG fans since launch, better titles could've been picked, such as Torchlight, Shatter or even Brutal Legend.

  4. other games that you miss in 2009 but should play. forza 3 and the halo dlc.
    the gta iv dlc (nobody plays it...)

  5. Why not make it 7 and add Uncharted 2 (if you look at sales record it has hardly made a profit :(, R&C ACIT (this is one of my favourite games of the year but overshadowed by U2, AC2, MW2 etc and it only got bad reviews because they said the gameplay is the same but they didn't say that about MW2, did they?) and Brutal Legend! Brutal Legend is one muthafucking awesome game! Even if you don't like Heavy Metal. But the down sides to it are the stupid strategy fights and you can't skip cutscenes, so say you've just complated a mission and a cutscene plays at the end and you've finished watching it and you save and quit, but when you come it will play that cutscene again and you can't skip!

  6. i have infamous, not killzone, plentii' other sony first party titles in my collection, motorstorm, resistance 2, little big planet, and the infamous mentioned, lol, soon to be modnation racers, heavy rain, god of ......gran turismo....omg having a bubble here.

  7. Demon's Souls deserves DA:O's spot.

  8. damn i really love Killzone 2, it's definitely the most realistic FPS on console.. and best graphics on console, everyone with a PS3 BUY IT!

  9. Borderlands is crap. Killzone 2 doesn't interest me because i'm not an FPS fan. Infamous i got just about as soon as it came out and thoroughly enjoyed it. Dragon Age: Origins is a game i haven't played yet but definetly will at some point.

  10. Played all of them, recommend all of them. Especially Dragon Age.

  11. I'll be getting KZ2 for sure, it looks like an awesome game. I got Infamous bundled with the console and loved it. As for the other 2, I've played borderlands and got bored quite quickly and DO doesn't interest me at all. (Just my opinion)

  12. Still says Your are cole. It should be You, not Your. Also, it looks like the first sentences is 3 sentences.