Sunday, December 20

New Ghost Recon Entry Trademarked

I guess because "Modern Warfare" and "Advanced Warfighter" didn't already sound futuristic enough, Ubisoft has recently registered a trademark for a new Ghost Recon game entitled "Ghost Recon Future Soldier."

Now what is a "future soldier" exactly? Well according to everyone's staple Wikipedia, a future soldier "is the overall name given to a multi-nation military project by the United States and its allies launched in the late 1990s. Future Soldier is also name of the major international military exhibition for NATO and Partnership for Peace members."

It was founded in the late 90's but we still don't have soldiers like the ones in the Crackdown game? There is no information for this game besides the possible name so you'd be wise to put this one on your radar.

12/20/09 Colton West

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