Thursday, December 10

Dante's Inferno PS3 gets demo today, and exclusive Divine Edition

PS3 is starting to receive some love from EA, with the company announcing today that the Divine Edition of their upcoming action title will be exclusive for Sony's flagship console. To add to what's already a great incentive for purchasing the PS3 version of the game, the demo is now live on PSN, won't see the light of day on XBL until December 24th, 2009.

"We are thrilled to offer an exclusive game pack for the PS3," said Jonathan Knight.

"The Playstation platform has a long history of delivering AAA action/adventure games. Adding Dante's Inferno to the catalogue is very exciting for the team. And with the demo now available on the Playstation Network, players can finally get a taste of what awaits them in the full game on February 9th, 2010.

Where's the 360 love?

12/10/09 Ernice Gilbert

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