Tuesday, December 8

David Cage agrees that adventure games are dead

How this could be true I have no clue. In fact in my humble opinion, adventure games are the best! So for one of the leading minds in the industry to agree with the notion that somehow the genre is dead comes off as a premature statement. In fact take any poll today and you'll find out that action/adventure games are at the top of a great percent of gamers favorite genre list.

The Quantic Dream boss man gave his opinion in a response to a question posed by GameInformer.

GameInformer: "Adventure games are dead" is a common phrase in the gaming industry. Do you think that discussion is even relevant in the current gaming landscape?

"I probably agree with the phrase. The adventure genre is one I really enjoyed but it has struggled probably because it's been unable to evolve with the games becoming outdated and of less interest," he said.

"Again, I'm talking about games based on inventory management, puzzle and dialogue choices.

"It certainly does not mean people lost interest in good stories and interesting characters, but more in the specific experience this type of games had to offer.

Leaping from discussing the action/adventure genre, Mr. Cage delved into what differentiates his title from the rest.

"Heavy Rain offers a new approach to interactive storytelling: it is not based on mechanics, it fully integrates real time 3D and cutting edge visuals, it mixes storytelling and actions, and most of all, it offers players to have a real impact on the story. It is not just seeing one or another cutscene at the end, it is about living different stories, being a writer, actor and director of their own story."

Interesting interview, however I still disagree with the notion that action/adventure games are a dying breed.

12/08/09 Ernice Gilbert

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