Tuesday, December 8

Yahoo thinks your PS3 controller sucks, if the battery dies customers are forced to "blow" $55

Yahoo has been releasing a series of related articles dubbed "financially fit". The goal of these articles as the name states, are to help consumers make wise purchasing choices this Christmas season and apparently, buying a PS3 is not one of them.

Yes according to Yahoo, the PS3 would not make a good Christmas gift at all, what's the reason you ask? Well you might want to purchase one of the "other consoles" because after a while, the PS3's battery dies on you and there's no way to recharge the your Dual Shock 3 because it's "glued shut" hence forcing you to go out and buy another one for the not-so-cheap price of $55. They made no mention about the batteries long lasting build, or the fact that you could spend more money purchasing AA batteries that the Xbox 360 uses by the time the PS3's "glued shut" battery dies.

"It's all fun and games until the battery dies," Yahoo said. Unlike its competitors which use replaceable AA batteries, the PS3's remote control is glued shut."

"When the Battery goes, Sony customers have to blow $55 on a new controller. Sony says there's an "environmental benefit" since gamers don't have to toss their batteries on a regular basis, but Isidor Buchmann, president of battery equipment-maker Cadex Electronics says captive batteries are becoming common because it's cheaper for companies to eliminate the battery housing and hatch."

Wow, I'll leave you and Yahoo alone to discuss this issue. Excuse me.

12/08/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. this whole thing is dumb after all if your battery does go bad sony will replace it for $10 just call them up and they will send you a box for your conttoller dame some people are dumb

  2. oh one more thing they will even pay shipping