Thursday, December 3

EA Boss: I want back the FPS crown from Activision

Medal of Honor is going the modern warfare route and it's no coincidence. In fact according to EA boss John Riccitiello, it's a bid to take back the FPS crown from Activision.

"I'm not saying that's it's going to happen tomorrow, but in the way that Activsion sort of alternates sequels of Modern Warfare and Call of Duty and own the leadership position in FPS [first-person-shooter] between Medal of Honor and Battlefield, I want it back," Riccitiello told Kotaku.

"And we're going to get there with innovation and quality."

Bad Company 2 is now head to head with Infinity Ward's best, and the new Medal of Honor will take place in modern Afghanistan, according to Riccitiello.

"The first [Bad Company] did very well in its first outing. The next one is a heck of a lot better and looks like a worthy competitor to Modern Warfare," he said.

Get a first look of Medal of Honor at the VGAs on December 12th, the game will hit retail sometime next year for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

12/03/09 Ernice Gilbert

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