Thursday, December 3

Video Thirst: Archie the game is really something

The Archie comics. Who hasn’t read at least a couple of them? I read them while I'm working, and you read them while wandering the mall, we all read them. Well recently fXLabs of Hyderabad announced that they are releasing an Archie videogame for the PC, and eventually consoles.

The game play will last about 12-14 hours and will encompass you controlling people of Riverdale and doing missions. You can drive and walk, and the entire game will have Archie themed music. I can’t wait for this this one, especially to see who they chose to play as each person. I'm hoping that this sounds as awesome to you as it does to me.

Granted, the song they chose for the commercial is still pretty weird.

Quench your thirst.

Via D'toid, Comics Alliance & Topless Robot.

12/03/09 Allen Stewart

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