Monday, December 7

Final Fantasy import pre-orders are off the charts

The highly anticipated RPG from Square-Enix, Final Fantasy XIII, will be out a few painstaking months in Japan before we the lowly westerners get our hands on it, that is if you don't mind listening to the Japanese language and spending $90 plus shipping and handling to get it.

See what it costs to get the game over? And yet it's the biggest pre-ordered import game thus far this generation according to The Unofficial Final Fantasy site. Bayonetta follows closely which is expected; the game is being hyped to Pluto these days, with some even calling it a GOW killer.

Not too sure about the GOW killer babble however the game looks decent. But getting back on topic, there's nothing wrong if you're a die-hard fan of the legendary franchise to import the Japanese version. I'll be waiting for the western version reason being I'm no where close to understanding even the simplest quotes in Japanese, and I'm the type who love to pay close attention to the story-line of games, and as we know there's no other series that delves into story like Final Fantasy.

If you don't care about interaction, or can understand Japanese, then import it here. Just don't come leaking all the important moments, hence spoiling the game for the rest of us. Don't do it.

12/07/09 Ernice Gilbert

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