Wednesday, December 16

Final Fantasy XIII Fever Hits Japan Hard

It's typical that when a new Final Fantasy game is released in Japan, Square Enix naturally gets the hype train rolling.

With the December 17th release date for the Japanese edition of FFXIII just around the corner, fans and stores alike are preparing for What will arguably be the biggest launch Japan has ever seen for a videogame. Unlike North American retailers, Japan advertises the heck out of their big titles with such things as every drinks, full on building advertisements, magazine covers (almost all magazine labels it would seem) and even pop stars.

If you would like to see the full gallery of everything that Square-Enix has plastered across Japan to celebrate the new Final Fantasy, follow this link.

12/16/09 Colton West


  1. I personally can't wait for this game...

    I just know it'll kick butt!!!!

    WOW, next year is big indeed... I envy you Japan!

  2. I'm with ya man! FFXIII is going to be one heck of an experience.