Tuesday, December 22

First Impressions: Army of Two: The 40th Day Demo

One of 2010's most anticipated games has finally gotten a demo, so just like with Divinity II, I figured I'd share my own opinions on what I thought of it.

The demo is only multiplayer so don't be expecting to try the solo experience quite yet. You have the ability to play in either a split-screen multiplayer or online multiplayer.

The visuals are pretty good but not mind-blowing but Army of Two really shines in it's gameplay. The only issue I had with the demo and I think the final game will probably have the same problem is that during online play, the game will constantly stop and wait for the other player's connection and if they decide to abort the match, the whole demo ends. I also don't care much for the controls since it feels a lot like Resident Evil 5 and is extremely touching making some of those pinpoint shots harder to make.

From what I experienced, The 40th Day has a cinematic flair to it the likes of which only Michael Bay could create. Buildings get blown to pieces and collapse all over Shanghai and I kid you not, a full-sized jet liner smashes into a building directly underneath your character's feet in real-time. It's really quite something to behold.

The demo also gives you a taste of the vast weapon customization options allowing you to alter and edit basically any part of any gun you happen to have by using currency that you collect through completing objectives and killing foes.

Army of Two: The 40th Day will be released this January and I am most definitely putting this one at the top of my anticipation list.

Hype Level: 5/5

12/22/09 Colton West

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