Tuesday, December 22

First Impressions: Divinity II: Ego Draconis Demo

The demo for Divinity II: Ego Draconis has recently been released onto the Xbox Live Marketplace so I figured I would download it, give it a playthrough and give my opinion on what I thought of it.

The game seems to play almost exactly like Dragon Age: Origins and I don't mean similar I mean basically exact. The demo is pretty lengthy as far as demos are concerned but there is just one big problem. It's not fun to play.

The framerate is constantly messing up even when you're just walking around, the voice acting is pretty much just average and filled with pointless one-liners and the graphics are just so bland it isn't even funny. They actually look like something you'd see on the original Xbox system.

Now is it possible that these issues just exist because of the fact that it's an unfinished product? Maybe, but the game comes out next month so I'm thinking this is basically the finished product meaning this could very well be the next "Two Worlds."

If you are a fan of Dragon Age: Origins then it's possible that you may actually like D2 but if you haven't then just trust me and go grab Dragon Age instead because it's far superior.

Hype Level: 1/5

12/22/09 Colton West

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