Saturday, December 12

Gran Turismo 5 Aiming For A Summer 2010 Release

Can you honestly remember how long ago it was when Gran Turismo 5 was announced? Polyphony Digital already teased players with the depressingly titled Gran Turismo 5: Prologue but what PS3 owners were really clamoring for was the full game.

During a short demo presentation of GT5 earlier this week, Hinojosa-Miranda re-confirmed the March 2010 release for Japan. He then also revealed that Sony was eying a vague "Summer 2010" release. Hopefully this means players will be able to have the disc in their consoles before Santa makes his rounds again next year.

Hinojosa-Miranda had also mentioned that he was traveling the U.S. in the coming week to photograph cars for Polyphony's reference material. With nearly 1,000 cars in the game, it's not that big of a stretch to think that they may still be working to flesh out the game's roster. And while he wouldn't confirm how far along they were towards completing Gran Turismo 5's development, he did say this work wasn't necessarily for the current game.

12/12/09 Colton West

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