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Sony Owned 2009, Will Own 2010 and 2011: Exclusives Galore (Year End Articles)

Just when you thought the hardware giant from the land of the rising sun shot all their bullets in 2009, they've reloaded and are ready to rumble yet again in 2010. Looking back at the year that was, (2009 is almost out), one would think Sony played all its cards: Redesigned PS3 Slim, new price point, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and a PSN overhaul just to name a few. The team at Sony's PlayStation division practically outdid themselves this year. Aaron Greenberg might be talking about 2010 as a better year than 2009 for the Xbox 360 and rightfully so, 360's lineup was weak; Sony owned 2009. But the bigger story is that they're set to do it all over again in 2010. In fact they've got it bagged already, and 2011 looks even more promising. Let's examine the situation.

The Exclusives: 2010

Just so you know, this article is mostly about exclusives because what we've come to realize is that more than anything else, the exclusive lineup of a console is what separates it from the pack. Makes said console worth owning and adds great value to it. And in this department, no other company comes no where close to Sony in 2010:

God of War III - On the market March of next year, this one is not only a must buy for any PS3 owner, it'll single handedly help Sony move hundreds of thousands of PS3s worldwide.

Heavy Rain

Resistance 3

White Knight Chronicles


Gran Turismo 5 -

There's a lot of Forza talk going around now, and rightly so, the game is indeed great. But when March 2010 comes around, it'll be the veteran's turn to shine. The Franchise has been around since the original Playstation, and went on to sell over 52 million copies and has grossed over 1 billion dollars in sales. Polyphony Digital's boss Yamauchi has gone on record saying GT5 will look better than real life. You read this correctly, better than real life.

Mod Nation Racers

The Last Guardian


The Exclusives: 2011

The list above is indicative to what is set to happen on your PS3 in 2010, there's no asking, PS3 will destroy all else with that kind of lineup. But what about 2011? Well, it gets even greater:

Syphon Filter

Final Fantasy Versus XIII -

Many PS3 owners are now calling this game the true next-gen Final Fantasy, arguing that because FFXIII went multiplatform, there's no way Square-Enix would've been able to harness the PS3's full power because they had to keep the Xbox 360 in mind being that, according to them it's much weaker than the PS3. I'm not sure about all of that but there's one thing I know, Versus XIII will be a darn great exclusive.

Killzone 3

Twisted Metal

Uncharted 3

Final Fantasy 14- Online


inFamous 2

Agent -

It's from Rockstar, the great company behind Grand Theft Auto. The hype train is slowly building because the game is still some time off, but when it comes don't be surprised if Agent totally steals the show and a strong following leading up to its release. Another great exclusive title to look forward to come 2011.

Yakuza 4

Upgrades to look out for:

3D Gaming: 3D Is Making a Huge Comeback and guess who's at the helm of it? None other the Sony with reports circulating that the company is set to ship HDTVs that support 3D gaming next year.

Motion Control:

In a recent interview with 1up, Sony said the motion controller will be implemented in many family friendly titles and even shooters. The company also said that Nintendo and Microsoft should not take lightly what they're planning with their own motion device. Might sound as if the hardware giant is bragging, but we must remember that Sony was the company who first implemented motion technology in the gaming industry with the EyeToy, and so it's not a stretch to think that their technology could indeed be ahead of the rest.

More Features On PSN, Including Cross-Game-Chat: Sony is promising a plethora of upgrades to PSN in the coming year that will add even more value to the great service it already offers. One of the most anticipated and talked about additions however is cross-game-chat. It's no longer a rumor as Sony has said they plan to make it available. A premium service will inevitably come next year but according to Sony, you won't ever have to pay-to-play, the premium service will offer special features, it's like a VIP pass.

Love it or hate it, for the next few years, there are more than enough reasons to justify buying yourself a PS3. It's well worth the price.

12/24/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Sony FTW who knows what they're going to announce at E3, because the games that are listed for 2010 are all first quarter releases.

  2. Good times ahead for sure. X360 has some good games coming too but Sony does steal the show.

    Suppose buying up all those developers makes sense now. Kudos Sony.

  3. You listed FF9 Online lol. FF14 is coming Fall 2010.

    You forgot:

    Yakuza 3 [West]
    MLB The Show
    3D Dot Heroes

    Some PSN games:
    Dead Nations
    ThatGameCompany's next game [Makers of Flower]
    The Last Rebellion

  4. "PS3 will destroy all else with that kind of lineup"

    Why so serious? :D

  5. Dylantalon

    i think this article was well thought out and well written. i cant wait for all those exclusive games and i will own them all because the facts are that ps3 is the most powerful console available now and the ps3 exclusives are of higher quality than exclusives on other console and multiplatform games .

    i dont understand how a person could think they want the best games and quality exclusives with a reliable system and not have a ps3. i understand some people dont care about game technology , graphics , physics animation , artificial intelligence and all that which is fine but to want the best games while being a gamer and owning anything besides a ps3 is silly.

    xbox 360 = very limited technology , mediocre games, substandard exclusives
    wii = last gen technology , shovelware,
    ps3 = powerful technology , substandard ports, quality exclusives

    xbl/psn - dylantalon

  6. Sure if you like playing with magic dildos Sony FTW.

  7. Wow apparently to own all you have to do is win the hearts and ill equiped minds of sony fanboys... Sales number of consoles and 1st and 3rd party titles just do not back the claims that sony won 2009 nor does it look any better for 2010.

  8. Anonymous said...
    Wow apparently to own all you have to do is win the hearts and ill equiped minds of sony fanboys... Sales number of consoles and 1st and 3rd party titles just do not back the claims that sony won 2009 nor does it look any better for 2010.

    Very common misconception..... unless of course you like every other moron on the internet looks at sales in the US as worldwide sales.

    The fact of the matter is that in 3 years, the PS3 has sold at a faster rate than the 360 sold in the same time frame. it had also outsold the 360 worldwide for every year that it has been out even at a higher price.

    And you have to be a moron not to know that the 360 is a shooter centric console and thus has a very similar user base.... but thats ok, lets look at the halo(s) and gears sales and assume that the 360 is the best thing since sliced bread.

  9. Beings that the 360 had a year's head start, the PS3 is dominated. Sales mean squat, it's simply about the games, and Sony trumps every time when it comes to games.

    God of War III will easily take Game of the Year 2010, unless we are surprised by Heavy Rain, MAG or ModNation Racers.

    Not to point the finger, but apart from Alan Wake, there is very little to look forward to if you own a 360.

  10. We all know from 2009 sony will beat wii and xbox but wont beat the wii in sales. I think you left out the xbox too much in this article.

  11. Is this site owned by Sony or something or are is there some sort of commision to be pro-Sony?

    Anyways it don't matter, I have a PS3 and a Xbox 360. 2010 is going to be an incredible year to those who have both. Those PS3 games are going to be awesome but so are games not available on the PS3 such as the new Splinter Cell, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, Halo Reach, CRackdown 2. Plus the Wii has some great games coming too like Mario Galaxy 2 and the new Metroid.

    I just wish there were fewer sites like this that actually fuel the console wars by displaying such linearity and tunnel vision. Are there are true game sites left?

  12. "And you have to be a moron not to know that the 360 is a shooter centric console and thus has a very similar user base.... but thats ok, lets look at the halo(s) and gears sales and assume that the 360 is the best thing since sliced bread."

    Or better yet why don't we act like people interested in all games instead of pimple faced dweebs who want to measure the size of their fanboyism? I'd love to hit all the fanboys in the head with a ball-peen hammer. Mass Effect sold more than most PS3 exclusives so what does this tell you? It tells me the gamers are not that drastically different after all between them and the PS3 owners. Japan may be a bit xenophobic but that's their problem, not mine.

    Enjoy games based on the actual game, not which system it's on. Leave that bs to Microsoft and Sony to publish. They get paid to do that and have a vested interest. Whjat the hell do fanboys get out of marketing platforms besides looking like complete idiots?

  13. I agree with Anonymous up there, this article is nothing but pure flaimbait. And like you said it's not just this site, it's pretty much all of gaming media. We would NEVER see this kind of overly positive article written about the 360, even 360 fan sites don't write like this about 360.

    At the same time, we would never see Sony bashed the way we often see MS bashed. This stuff just fuels the fanboy wars and leaves gaming journalism completely void of integrity.



  15. Even when the 360 was dominating, had all the exclusives and all the sales, we didn't see articles like this in support of 360.

    If I remember correctly the gaming media spent most of their time downplaying the success of the 360. LOL I remember every NPD, 360 would rape PS3 in sales, and at the time that was still rather surprising since PS3 owned last gen, and all the gaming sites would ignore this fact and pretend the Wii sales were such a big deal cuz they didn't want to write about 360 dominance LOL.

  16. Clearly sony is ahead with motion gaming, I'm sure 360's project natel is quit a bit more advanced...

  17. i agree with this article but ill let this pass for now when u stated motion control was first implemented with eyetoy isnt necessarly true. what about the power golve on the nes :P that was like the 20 yearold beta test to what they used in wiimotes infared tracking. (sensorbar)

    ffxiv might be 2010 the beta starts early next year.

  18. Wow, a lot of depressed 360 fanboys on here crying because they still haven't hit puberty. Still.....i suppose you 360 guys have a lot of spare time, eh? Because as this article clearly and correctly shows the 360 doesn't have ANY exclusive games to keep you guys occupied, ROFL.

    I'll bet in a few months time when PS3 owners are playing GOW3, WKC and Yakuza 3 you idiots will still be on here crying about how 360 is winning despite the fact is has no games and garbage graphics. You guys are only kidding yourselves, you can't pull the wool over everyone else's eyes.

    TBH, i don't even know why you're so angry at Sony. It's Microsoft's fault the 360 has no games so shouldn't you be taking this up with them instead of taking your frustration out on the PS3? about misguided ignorance.


  20. The Sony Defense Force is as funny as ever. Some of those titles listed won't even make a dent in the console wars (eyepet, really?) JRPGS of quality are few and far between, so WKC will have a lot to prove. Mag is a basic shooter, just one that has a lot of players. But since the devs broke it down into squads and seperate areas, it wont even play any differen than a standard 16 or 32 player size match.
    GT5 and GoW3 look great, but outside of that, I am not impressed in the least.Oh, and software sales WORLDWIDE looked better on the Xbox 360 this holiday season, it was hardware sales that sony had fortune in the last few months. But with the early 2010 lineup MS has set, dont expect that to stay the course.
    And also, nothing to look forward to in 2010 on the Xbox, are you high?
    Alan Wake, Crackdown 2, Fable 3, Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2, Ninety Nine Nights 2, Splinter Cell Conviction...yea, youre right, what could we possibly be playing in 2010.

  21. I also forgot to cover the dild...wand, in comparison to project natal.
    All the wand is, is a higher grade wiimote. Project natal is a new technology with a lot more applications to it and can expand gaming in ways not previously thought possible.
    Lastly, blindly supporting sony is as dumb as blindly supporting MS or any other company.
    Sony used the PS fanbase to push Blu ray to win the format war, not to care about gaming and file size. It was a bonus, not an objective. After you fans paid 600 dollars to play haze and lair (or other fail titles early on) you helped sony win a format war and nothing else.
    And the psp go is a slap across the face. No credit for bought umds? No way to transfer the files? Thanks for paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in games, no buy them over so we can have more money.
    And the premium service will charge for features, yes online is free on your system but free psn < live at 50 a year, so its not a phenominal edge.

    All in all, just enjoy your system and let the fanboyism die already. No matter what system does it for you, companies are making money ON us, not FOR us. Just keep it simple and play for the love of the game, the real reason for gaming.

    Live and let game.

  22. ^^ Okey Sony did place blu-ray to make it the dominate new format, you dont think Microsoft is doing that with Natal? Look at the most recent interview with Microsofts CEO Steve Ballmmer or w/e his last name is, he specificly says the Natal on the 360 is a test to see if it works and that it will be used in windows software mainly. Also dsont even get me started with the the over priced accessories for the 360, $200 for a 120gb hard drive? Lmao that is scamming up ur a$$.

    The PS3 and 360 sales gap is only 5.5 million units now, if PS3 outsells 360 by just 60, 000 units every week then in July 2010 it will over take 360 in total worldwide sales, which should be no problem for the ps3 with FFXIII, GOWIII, GT5 (bigger then Halo and will outsell it too). Thats only Sonys gaming line up from January to March, we dont even know what big exclusives are coming late next year.

  23. How the hell did Sony win in 2009 when Xbox 360 & Nintendo Wii both beat it in NPD every month? I think the person who wrote this article is a Sony fanboy...face the facts...Sony came in last in 2009. Then you can't say Sony will win 2010 & 2011 until those years are over.

  24. NO ONE denies microsoft has flaws, the problem is the media is quick to dwell on those flaws, and slow to point out the positives MS has brought to gaming. At the same time we know Sony is just as money grubbing and flawed as MS, yet this fact is downplayed by the media, and Sony successes are exagerated as we see in this article.

    Anonymous up there made more sense than whoever wrote this article, most of those games will be crap or delayed, bout the only thing to really look forward to on PS3 is GT5 and GOW. So why all the irrational hype, you have to wonder if Sony's bank account had anything to do with the writing of this tripe.

  25. your crazy. this is what a fan boy is all about. i own an xbox and a ps3. my ps3 is a blue ray player. i buy games for it when i can but all the hyped up games are a joke. games are better on the 360. i bought uncharted 2. that game was a joke. payed through it once and put it back in the never play pile. the online is a joke just like this article.

  26. LBDz

    Project natal is NOT new technology. Something very much like could have been on the PS2.

    Now as you can see from watching the above link is this. If SONY wanted this tech on the PS3, it could be done right now. BUT instead they wanted better tech on the PS3 with NO LAG, ( IE wand.) Thats not fanboi crap, but a fact. Clearly people can now see that SONY is ahead with motion gaming & 3D Tech.

    Blu-Ray is doing really well now, just as ALL companies foretold, which is why ALL companies pulled out of the HD-DVD market and supported Blu-Ray.

    Now people say ( how did SONY win 2009 ). I can answer this question.

    SONY ( like Nintendo ) has more than one platform to support. Microsoft only has one, due to not supporting their first console. ( xbox ) SONY has released more AAA Game Titles than any other console on the market this year. SONY with companies like Naughty Dog have made one of their platforms sell more due to making these top quality games. This is why SONY holds the best Metacritic’s game scoring out of ALL consoles on the market this year.

    Now the PSP ( all models ) are supported, the PSP-Go is supported, The PS2 is still after all these years being supported, PS3 is getting massive support also. Why shouldn't SONY not win 2009, and lets face some facts here. SONY with the PS3 has released better games than ANY other console on the market.? And to add to that fact is this, Blu-Ray is also getting bigger and better than before, so SONY this year really deserves 2009. Even if it was for just the tech they used in their platforms.

  27. LBDz

    Now for the games.

    PS3 alone has better games getting released for it's console than the xbox 360 has. Also theres more games being released on the PS3 than xbox 360. Sorry thats not being a fanboy, it's just a fact.

    Free Realms
    DC Universe Online
    The Agency
    Final Fantasy XIV
    ModNation racers
    Gran Turismo 5
    God of War 3
    Resistance 3
    KillZone 3
    Heavy Rain
    The Last Guardian
    White Knight Chronicles
    Yakuza 3
    3D Dot Heroes
    Ape Escape
    Dead Nation
    Dynasty Warriors Online
    Steambot Chronicles 2
    Team Ico Collection
    The Last Rebellion
    Trinity Universe
    Trinity: Zill O'll Zero
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII
    Infamous 2
    Syphon Filter 5
    Twisted Metal

    On top of the PS3 exclusives we also have./

    Metal Gear Solid: Rising
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Dead Rising 2
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2
    Bayonetta ( 2 versions )
    Fallout: New Vegas
    Dante's Inferno
    This Is Vegas
    Red Dead Redemption
    Mafia II
    Dark Void
    Kingdom Under Fire II
    Split Second
    Resonance of Fate
    Metro 2033
    Darksiders: Wrath of War
    UFC 2010 Undisputed
    Army of Two: 40th Day

    On top of this we also can now play PSP Minis on PS3 ( Good for kids & family fun )

    Alien Havoc
    Beam ‘Em Up
    Blast Off
    Bubble Trubble
    Circles, Circles, Circles
    D-Cube Planet
    Dracula – Undead Awakening
    Funky Punch
    Heracles Chariot Racing
    Hero Of Sparta
    Let’s Golf
    Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2
    Pinball Dreams
    Pinball Fantasies
    Puzzle Scape Mini
    Red Bull X-Fighters
    Spot The Differences!
    Stand O’ Food
    Telegraph Crosswords
    Yetisports Pengu Throw
    Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam
    Zombie Tycoon

  28. LBDz

    Also we have over 50 PSOne games that play on the PS3 through PSN, We have over 80 PSP games that work on PS3 through PSN, Also we have the PSN games ( Like XBL's arcade games ) We also have PS3 games to buy from PSN, We also ( IN UK ) have over 580 films to rent with 100's to buy and own, not just rent. XBL only has 271 to rent and you can't buy them either. You have VidZone, for the Video Music Lovers with 1000's and 1000's of video's, also you have iplayer which is great if you missed a program, or great if you just want to catch up on your programs. 4OD is coming even though PS3 can use that now through it's internet Browser, same as Twitter/Facebook/Youtube, ect. Also we can use Grooveshark which is for all music lovers, it's all free to use and holds millions of songs for you to play through your PS3 / PC.

    Also PSN 99% of the time gets some great deals and good DLC. Check this out for an example.

    SkyTV/SkyPlayer is only a timeed exclusive on the 360 same as netflix was. Soon Sky will be on the PS3 just like Netflix is right now. And due to the FACT that PS3 plays both DVD and Blu-Ray the PS3 netflix library is bigger and better than the 360's library.

    Now we have 3D gaming to the PS3, with games running at 1080p. Now thats going to be awesome with the ( PS3's new controller nick named WAND ).

    PS3 now is cheaper to buy. The PS3 has better exclusive games. The PS3 has the better tech in it's console. The PS3 has a better build quality than 360. The PS3 is future proof due to Blu-Ray player and being upgradeable through Internet and parts ( Hard Drives, ect ). The PS3 Has better tech coming to it's console than 360. The PS3 has a bigger games release list coming for it's console. The PS3 has a better layout than 360's. The PS3 is out selling the 360 in the same time span. The PS3 cost less to run than the 360. The PS3 doesn't cost any extra money to play once bought, unlike the 360. The PS3 is free to play online.

    You can also GAME SHARE stuff bought from PSN with 5 active PS3 / PSP consoles. So 5 friends can have my game i bought to save them money, while i share their games to save myself money.

    The cost of having a family on the PS3/PSN is £0 / $0. It's FREE for a whole family to play online gaming.

    The cost of having a family on the 360/XBL is £40.00 / $50.00 per person. It's NOT free for a whole family to play online gaming

    So for people to see the real for online gaming...See below.

    A family of 5 on each console to play online gaming. ( Costs can vary depending where bought )

    PS3 = PSN x a family of 5 = £0 / $0 no cost.

    Xbox 360 = XBL x a family of 5 = £200.00 / $250.00 MASSIVE cost.

    You make you minds up what console is the future ;o)

    I could go on all day. but the best console for the money to by now is the [PS3].

    Thats why SONY has won 2009.

  29. you all sound like a bunch of faggots watch all these exclusives be a flop just like uncharted 2. Dont get me wrong uncharted 2 was a good game but it under selled big time for being their number 1 game. Also all those exclusives dont even seem like good games except GOW 3 but the rest suck just like their 1st or 2nd and watch none of them will sell well in North America that is. But overall xbox 360 dominates sony every year even when they have a bad year. Every multiple platform game sells twice as many on xbox 360 and their exclusives sell more than ps3 exclusives so i think all you fagboys should just realize that the ps3 is not that great as xbox 360. And dont even get me started with the online bc ps3's is a joke and more than likely all you fagboys only have a ps3 and dont even know what the XBL has to offer and just say well its 50 bucks and mine is free who gives a shit thats y ps3's is free bc its shitty quality

  30. LOL! I will say it again Sony fanboys are have serious little man problems. I'm seeing essays from little homo's trying to convince everyone that the toy mommy bought them is the best.

    You are completely high off your rocker if you think you are some fortune teller about the future. Just 1 game like Mass Effect 2 trumps %95 percent of the PS3 lineup.

    Is some dildo really posting about minis? LMAO! Do we really have to list XBLA games that are released every week and all the community games that get released daily?

    I think 360 fanboys could play that same game but they are not desperate! I will say Sony owned 09 but not for a minute do I believe they have 10 in the bag and especially not 11.

  31. LBDz

    Ok FACT is what i put is true. SONY and the PS3 holds better AAA game titles than xbox 360. Also PS3 has more Exclusive games coming out in 2010 for it's console than what xbox 360 has in 2010. With more AAA title yet again.

    What about if we look at Final Fantasy XIII, and the FACT that the 360 is MISSING 15GB of data.? That shows that the 360 has a problem, and that problem is disc space shortage. YES xbox 360 would have needed 5 discs if no compressions were done. But due to the 360 using OLD tech dvd drives, the better games can be made on PS3, with no need for compressing. PS3 doesn't need to worry about space because it has the NEWER tech built in it. FOR THE SAME MONEY AS THE XBOX 360 ELITES.

    Also ( yet again ) PS3 sells more than one million consoles for the week 13th to 19th Dec 09.

    How many did the xbox 360 sell?.

    How many did the slim sell in a week of being released ?. I can tell you that was over a million as well. 360 fanboys need to look past the BS feed to them and see the facts. PS3 HAS been OUTSELLING xbox 360 in the same time span. What does that tell people.?

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. 360 games are garbage jokes, which is why Uncharted 2 won GOTY. Shitbox 3shitty games aren't good enough for that because they're crap and the online is a joke. 360 is good as a paperweight but not as a games machine because it's games are a joke.

    Also, who's the retard who said the 360 has been outselling the PS3 in the NPD every month of the year? LOL, what a retard, better re - check your facts because that's not what VGChartz has been saying.

    PS3 has outsold the 360 time and time again in worldwide figures, face facts, 360 lost 2009 because of it's joke games. Fanboys are just pathetic.

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. "Fanboys are just pathetic"

    Yes David, they are. But I guess in your case it takes one to know one right? I've seen you in multiple threads bashing the Xbox 360 time and time again like it's said derogatory comments about your Mother. Keep sucking at Sony's tit like you're in desperate need of a job. Needless to say Sony doesn't want morons like you trolling the forums because you have nothing better to do with your life.

    So while you continue to post this garbage and get nothing in return i'll continue to enjoy my games like Forza 3 and Uncharted 2 and wait for games like Alan Wake and GT5. You on the other hand will keep your importance in life, just a step below naval lint.

    Funny how you mention Xbox 360 fans having a lot of spare time yet you contribute your National Enquirer garbage on every game site. What's the matter, your PS3 sleezing about at your cousins house and now it's just you and the babysitter?

    Now where's my ball-pean hammer, I found someone to test it on.

  36. Here we go again. So sick of this. The PS3 does have a good line up coming and I can't take that away. But the 360 has some good coming too. I wish so many PS3 fanboys stop saying the 360 has not games on it. If tat the case why is it still selling. Why did MW2 sell more on the 360. It was like a 2-1 ratio. Why did PS3 fanboys cry for Bioshock, Why are they crying for L4D series and Mass Effect. Why are they mad that SC:Conviction is on the 360 only? Is back and forth is getting so old. If all those games were on both console I would not care as long as I get to play them.

  37. LBDz

    As i have said time and time again. The 360 is not selling very well. It is NOT selling as good as it did last year. FACT.

    The PS3 is OUTSELLING the 360, and the PS3 is selling more this year than what it did last year. FACT.

    Now what does this show ? That more people are buying the PS3. A Simple Fact.

    From the 13th Dec to the 19th Dec 09 the PS3 has sold over a million consoles. PS3 has sold MORE consoles in them " 6 DAYS " than what the 360 has done in about a Month. FACT.

    The MW2 game on the 360 may be outselling the PS3 version, but what does that matter. PS3 owners have more games to choose from this year than what the 360 has, ( Final Fantasy XIII.) for a start.

    Also take a look at what VERSION of MW2 is better. It's the PS3 thats better not just by graphics, but also gameplay. The PS3 online side is not BUGGED like the 360 version. ( nothing that stops fun while playing it ) And lets face FACTS, the PS3 got all the patches ( that worked ) well before the 360, and even when the 360 got the patches, they didn't work like they were meant to have done, and made matters worse online. LMAO!!! ( Private matches anyone ) ( MW2 is being looked upon by the xbox community as bad as Gears Of War 2, which is better know as Lag Of War 2 ).

    Now Bioshock was a VERY bad ported game. Thats got nothing to do with the PS3. That all comes down to the Dev's. I play Bioshock on the PC, WHY IS THAT you may ask,? Because it is better on PC than ANY console.

    Now L4D i have on PC also. The PC looks better than 360. Same as L4D2 does. But they are still crap games, and L4D2 is a worse looking game than L4D. lol.

    Mass Effect maybe an exclusive, but is it a timed one ?. That is the big question now isn't it. Also remember that if the Mass Effect game did come over to PS3, they could place 1 & 2 on one Blu-Ray disc. No need for multi-discs. "cough" F-Fantasy XIII "cough"

    SC:Conviction is a timed exclusive. But is this all the 360 has got to offer.? What about Batman A-A.? What console got the joker,? the same console that is now getting DLC before the 360, and not just DLC, but fixes/ patches, ect. " MW2 anyone " lmao!!

    Now where people say ( well the 360 has got some really good games coming too ) where are these games.? What xbox 360 exclusive games are there coming in 2010.?

    I have given over 30 PS3 exclusive games on here, where are the 360's exclusive games ?

  38. both systems have great games, but it just seems like microsoft is releasing the same game over and over again. Every new game I see coming for microsoft just seems like a remake of a previously released game. Microsoft has the ability to make an original game, but they're not. That's why they lost 2009.

  39. LBDz

    Funny how it's all gone quite isn't.

    I'm still waiting for 360 fanboi's to show do this like i asked.

    Now where people say ( well the 360 has got some really good games coming too ) where are these games.? What xbox 360 exclusive games are there coming in 2010.?

    I have given over 30 PS3 exclusive games on here, where are the 360's exclusive games ?????

  40. EDIT : I'm still waiting for 360 fanboi's to show this like i asked.

  41. Hmmm, 2010 Xbox 360 exclusives? Well, where do I start?

    Fable 3,
    Mass Effect 2,
    Halo: Reach,
    Crackdown 2,
    Splinter Cell: Conviction,
    Alan Wake...

    6 potential 90+ games. All 360 exclusives.

    How many potential 90+ games does Sony have in 2010? I'll tell you... 4 (GoW3, The Last Guardian, Heavy Rain & GT5).

    The rest? MAG won't score 80+, R3 is not even announced, WKC will fall as a weaker RPG behind ME2 & FFXIII, & MNR... no idea on that tbh, but it's not in the same league as GT5.

    You guys need to waste your time playing games rather than being a blind follower of a corporation and its one console that doesn't give a shit what you think. Quit being a zombie, buy all 3 consoles and play every game that YOU like the look of.

  42. LBDz......

    @ poster above.

    Is that all you can come up with LMAO !!

    6 Exclusive games for 360.?

    NOT a lot compared to the 30 PS3 exclusive games i gave is it now.?

    You talk about scoring, well if you do your home work, you'll see that PS3 has the better metric scores out of the two consoles already.

    PS3 takes the “best quality” award (its median score is 72%) with the PC coming in second despite having a higher overall average (72.5%). The 360 comes in third (70%). PMSL !! Even though 360 release 50 more games than PS3. Thats speaks volumes in itself.

    Same as the GOTY awards. It's been PS3 games for the last TWO YEARS running now. And the game that got most of the 360 consoles GOTY votes was MW2, which is also on PS3. lmao !!

    Now you asked this...

    (( How many potential 90+ games does Sony have in 2010? ))...

    Ok, here what i think that will be 90+ score.

    The Agency
    ModNation racers
    Gran Turismo 5
    God of War 3
    Heavy Rain
    The Last Guardian
    White Knight Chronicles
    Infamous 2
    Final Fantasy XIII

    Now thats just a few games that 99% could hit a score of 90 +. Already more than what the 360 has got to offer.

    So once again. I ask this.

    Now where people said ( well the 360 has got some really good games coming too ) where are these games.? What xbox 360 exclusive games are there coming in 2010.?

    I have given over 30 PS3 exclusive games on here, where are the 360's exclusive games ?????

  43. "New Socom"

    Well it better be Socom4 complete with campaign and Co-oP! I hope they go back to the origional features, like shotguns&nades knock over players!

  44. I think the Sony's PlayStation i think is too much better than the another one. i think it is very creative and entertaining.