Sunday, December 13

Uncharted 2 Was A "labor of love" Says Amy Hennig

Last night Video Game Awards show will be remembered as one of the most memorable nights for the great studio behind the critically acclaimed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. As you already know, the title won the most prestigious award of the night, adding more credence to what most critics have concluded: Uncharted 2 is the best game this generation thus far. But what was even more touching was the moment Amy Hennig and the Naughty Dog team went to collect the award, the other guys were obviously elated, but Amy was overwhelmed.

From the time she took to the stage, her demeanor displayed how she felt on the inside and with tears in her eyes she said, "It was a labor of love". Naughty Dog's leading lady went on thanking a host of people who helped make this game what it is including Nolan North and Claudia Black.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves should receive a significant sales boost for winning Game of The Year from the most watched Video Game Awards show. Congratulations Naughty Dogs! Now bring us another sequel.

12/13/09 Ernice Gilbert


  1. Yes indeed! The game should sell at least another million in 2 months in America Alone, taking total sales to over 3 million copies.

    Well deserved award and good read.

  2. Mario??? WII?? dont make me laugh hahahahahah

  3. Have to admit im a 360 fan but this game way awesome play it at my mates when ever im round and this year sony had alot of great games shame im skint at the moment,

    Well done naughty dog but next year is ours :D So watch yaself sony haha :D

  4. It's well-deserved
    Naughty Dog put out a hell of a game
    I'm still playing it
    I got it on my birthday :)
    I gotta tip my hat to them
    You deserve it!

  5. It was a dot on the cards for Uncharted 2 to win. Well done to ND. They made the PS3 shine through. Lets hope that other devs will see this and take note.

    God Of War 3 will beat the graphics of Uncharted 2 next year. That is also a dot on the cards. But will ND make a 3rd Uncharted to fully use the PS3's power. I think yes.

    So as people know. This is the 2nd year PS3 has taken the crown. First it was KillZone 2, then Uncharted 2, Will it be a hatrick ( 3 times in a row )I think so due to God Of War 3.

    Well done sony, and all that made it shine. Again . lol

  6. unchatred 2 the best game ever ,the wii is for children....

  7. Olive Blakok!!!!!

  8. And im watch for another great game from naughty dog maybe uncharted 3 that be great..

  9. Uncharted 3 will launch PS4,next game a new IP or J&D game.

  10. Nintendo and Sony must join together to create one console between them. It is the only way that they can stop the juggernaut that is Microsoft.

    Next generation will be DOMINATED by Microsoft, who have learned many hard lessons this round. Quality of console manufacturing will be a NON-ISSUE next XBOX.

  11. lol you know what else was a "labor of love?"

    You, because your mother and I did some pretty wild stuff for you to procreate.

  12. Uncharted 2 was the best game in the history of this planet. It makes anything on the Crapbox 360 or Wii look like the garbage they are.

    Xbox 360 is so overrated with no games and no Blu - Ray that it's games aren't even good enough to win "Worst Game Of The Year".

    PS3 forever, anyone who thinks otherwise is mildy retarded with their parents.

  13. Great, some inbred spastic has decided to impersonate me because the Xbox 360 has no good games. How intelligent.

    Can one of the mods take that comment down? It obviously wasn't made by me because i'm not retarded enough to type with Caps Lock on all the time.

    Anyway, Uncharted 2 was GOTY, by a country mile.

  14. Say what you will about the Wii and Xbox. They have great games, but this year "Uncharted 2" blew them out of the water. Good job ND... looking forward to the next "labor of love".

  15. Ehm.. Right. Uncharted 2 got it and it deserved it. But really? I myself only own a PS3 but I'd like an 360 since I find appealing games on both platforms, so why brush it under a carpet and just talk shit about it when it really is an amazing console? Mass Effect, Fable, GoW are all great games and with the retro XBL provides I'd love to have an Xbox in my living room.

  16. im really disappointed infamous got left out in the cold.
    poor suckerpunch.
    anyway forget a uncharted 3, i want to see uncharted on the psp now that would be cool.
    or even better, ND buy back the rights for crash bandicoot i loved that game to death.
    crash bandicoot 1 is the best game ever released.
    played it today and makes me remember how much fun games were back then.

  17. I agree, ever since ND let Crash go that franchise has gone right down the toilet, which is a real shame since Crash was the ORIGINAL Sony mascot. Uncharted game on the PSP? LOL, really?

    Anyway, i'd like to see ND develop a Jak & Daxter epic for the PS3 at least before this generation's over.