Sunday, December 13

Thirsty Conversations: Sunday Edition

It's another beautiful Sunday all over the world. Now you might say this statement is false because it's raining or snowing or hail is pounding your area. But these things don't make a day good or bad; it's the attitude we take towards it that determines the outcome.

The very rain you abhor is adored by someone else, and the snow you can't stand is welcomed by many. Think about it and try and make today the best day of your life.

Word Of Wisdom

When you're in a tough situation, your attitude will determine the final outcome. Learn to be at peace when it seems a storm is raging all around you. If you can accomplish that, then most likely you will come through said storm a stronger, wiser and more focused person; one who's stood the test of time and can now be a blessing to others around you. Be Blessed.

Oh, I'm off to Church, care to join me? Alright, thanks for you company.

12/13/09 Ernice Gilbert

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