Sunday, December 13

Video Thirst: Crackdown 2 - Trailer 2

The newest trailer to the highly-anticipated Crackdown 2 has finally been released and all I can say is. Would you like to blow it up with me? Yes. Yes I would very much so.

It may look a little to similar to Prototype for my liking but just the fact that you get to play with friends is more then enough for me.

12/13/09 Colton West

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  1. I heard from a good source that moneysoft wants to put this "cool game" and Halo into one game. And take on The bugsbunny and tweetie show in one big video game. Its going to be a very long one to just like Halo ODST. Like 4 1/2 hrs long. And its going to have very good graphics cartoonish style like the bugsbunny and tweetie show and all the other Halo games. And i will cost around $45 which is a really good deal for a 4hr game.But it might give you Xbox the RROD, but we all know games dont do that, moneysoft did that to their machines, to see of all the xbots would buy 2 or 3 more(which all you fools did) before they added on 3 years to the warranty. Got love the Xbots. Keeps moneysoft rich while still getting ass raped. Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo